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Darktide Veteran Guardsman Feats – Build Guide & List


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In Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, players can play as a Veteran Guardsman, a sharpshooter armed with deadly long-range skills. Get to know the feats of the Veteran class, best feats to choose, and more using this guide.

Darktide Veteran Guardsman Feats Guide

Assault Veteran

  • At Arm’s Length
  • Demolition Stockpile
  • Bio-Optic Targeting
  • Unwavering Focus
  • One after Another
  • Counterfire

This Veteran feat build likes to be in the thick of the fight. It’s an all-around build that closely works with teammates to eliminate threats as you advance. With this setup, allies near you get additional Coherency bonuses from Volley Fire. This build works well with close to mid-range weapons like the Graia Mk IV Braced Autogun and the Accatran Mk VId Recon Lasgun.

Lone Sniper

  • At Arm’s Length
  • Sniper
  • Covering Fire
  • Camo Expert
  • Dead Shot
  • Counterfire

The opposite of the previous build, this Veteran build likes to take down things from a distance. A good vantage point is a requirement to maximize this build as the farther you are from your team, provided that you still see them, the better you can support them. Camo Expert allows you to be almost invisible to enemy aggro, and Sniper with Deadshot grants you incredible bonuses in terms of damage. Use a Bolter or a Kantrael MG XII Infantry Lasgun for this build.

Darktide Veteran Guardsman Feats List

Veteran Guardsman Feats

Level 5

  • Confirmed Kill – Replenish 25% Toughness on Elite Kill, and a further 25% Toughness over time.
  • Exhilirating Takedown – Replenish 10% Toughness on Ranged Weak Spot Kill.
  • At Arm’s Length – Replenish 5.0% Toughness/second while more than 8 metres from Enemies.

Level 10

  • Sniper – Deal up to 20% increased damage based on the distance between you and the target.
  • Tactical Reload – +20% Reload Speed if you have Ammo in your weapon.
  • Demolition Stockpile – Replenish 1 Grenade every 60s.

Level 15

  • Bio-Optic Targeting – Volley Fire designates non-Ogryn Elites and Specialists as Priority Targets for all Allies in Coherency.
  • Demolition Team – You and allies in Coherency have a 5% chance to gain a Grenade on Enemy Kill.
  • Covering Fire – When you kill an enemy with a ranged attack, allies in melee range of the target Replenish 10% Toughness.

Level 20

  • Unwavering Focus – +75% Toughness Damage reduction from Ranged Attacks during Volley Fire.
  • Duck and Dive – Dodging, Sprinting or Sliding to avoid ranged attacks grants 20% Stamina.
  • Camo Expert – While standing still, enemies are significantly less likely to target you.

Level 25

  • Frag Storm – Frag Grenades apply 8 stacks of Bleed to all enemies hit.
  • Deadshot – While using your ranged weapon’s alternate fire you have 25% increased critical hit chance and 60% reduced sway, but lose 10% stamina every second, and an additional 5% for each shot.
  • One after Another – +30% Reload Speed on Elite Kill.

Level 30

  • Sustained Fire – Volley Fire reloads your weapon and replenishes 60% Toughness. Killing a Designated Enemy during Volley Fire refreshes its duration.
  • Counterfire – +25% Weak Spot damage during Volley Fire. Volley Fire now designates all Scab Shooters as Priority Targets. Killing a Designated Enemy during Volley Fire refreshes its duration.
  • The Bigger they Are… – +50% Damage (Ogryns and Monstrosities) during Volley Fire. Volley Fire designates Ogryns and Monstrosities as Priority Targets. Killing a Designated Enemy during Volley Fire refreshes its duration.

Feats Are Passive Perks

Feats are passive perks that you get to unlock as you level up. Every five levels, you get to choose from three different feats. Equipping a feat grants you a passive bonus or conditional bonuses that can help you against the tide of chaos. The more feats you unlock, the more powerful your character gets.

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