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Darktide Class Abilities List


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In Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, players get to play as four characters with each one having a unique set of abilities. Get to know the differences of each character, unique skills and abilies, and more using this guide.

Darktide Class Abilities List

Four Different Class Abilities In Darktide

There are four different types of abilities in Darktide:

  • Ability – Unique active ability that the class can use anytime. This ability has a cooldown after use but can be reduced depending on the feats equipped.
  • Iconic – Passive bonuses specific for the class. Iconic abilities are built-in and are unique for that class only.
  • Blitz – Throwables like Grenades and warp shenanigans for the Psyker. These abilities usually have charges that can be refilled by getting grenades around the battlefield.
  • Aura – Unique bonuses that this class imparts on characters that are nearby. Coherency bonus.

Veteran Class Abilities

Ability Name Category Description
Volley Fire Active Ability Enter a ranged stance for 5s, instantly equipping your Ranged Weapon, and designating nearby non-Ogryn Elite and Specialist enemies as Priority Targets. During this stance, you deal +50% Ranged Damage.
Make Every Shot Count Iconic +15% Weak Spot Damage.
Be Prepared Iconic Increase Ammo reserve for all Ranged Weapons by 40%.
Frag Grenade Blitz Fragmentation grenade that explodes after a short fuse timer.
Scavenger Hunt Aura You and allies in Coherency gain a small amount of ammo whenever any of you kill an Elite enemy.

Check out the Veteran Class’ feats (passive abilities) here.

Ogryn Class Abilities

Ability Name Category Description
Bull Rush Active Ability Charge forward, knocking enemies back and gaining 25% Attack Speed and 25% Movement Speed for 5s.
Thick Skin Iconic +20% Toughness Damage Reduction & +20% Health Damage Reduction.
Excessive Force Iconic +25% Melee Stagger.
Loyal Protector Iconic Being damaged while Reviving or Assisting allies no longer interrupts you.
Big Box of Hurt Blitz Throw a box of grenades with great strength and enthusiasm for a single target high damage attack.
Intimidating Presence Aura +10% Heavy Melee attack damage (allies in Coherency).

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Zealot Class Abilities

Ability Name Category Description
Chastise the Wicked Active Ability The Preacher dashes forward or towards a targeted enemy, replenishing 50% toughness, increasing the damage of the next melee hit by 25%, making it a guaranteed Critical Hit.
Martyrdom Iconic +5 Damage for each 15 missing Health. Max Stacks 3.
Until Death Iconic Every 90s, taking damage that would kill you, gain invulnerability for 5s.
Swift Exorcism Iconic +10% Melee Attack Speed.
Stun Grenade Blitz Throw a Stun Grenade that stuns all enemies within its blast radius.
The Emperor’s Will Aura +7.0% Toughness Damage Reduction (Allies in Coherency).

Check out the Zealot Class’ feats (passive abilities) here.

Psyker Class Abilities

Ability Name Category Description
Psykinetic’s Wrath Active Ability Quell 50% Peril and Stagger enemies in front of you.
Warp Siphon Iconic Killing an enemy with Brain Burst earns a Warp Charge. Each Charge grants +3% Damage. Warp Charges are retained for 25s. You can store up to 4 Warp Charges.
Battle Meditation Iconic 10% Chance to quell 10% Peril on Kill.
Brain Burst Blitz Target an enemy and charge the ability to deal high Damage.
Kinetic Presence Aura Allies in Coherency gain +10% Damage (Elite Enemies).

Check out the Psyker Class’ feats (passive abilities) here.

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