Gift Guide: Best ROG & TUF Peripherals For Christmas 2021

ASUS ROG Christmas Gifts 2021

Christmas is upon us again. After the time warp that is 2020, we now approach the end of another year as 2021 draws to a close (hope you know that it’s 2021 and not 2020). With this season of gift-giving, it might be hard to decide what is the best to buy for your friends, family, or significant someone. But what if he/she games? You ask. Well, here we have a handy guide containing ROG and TUF gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, and mats that you can buy as a gift or for yourself this Christmas!

Best ROG Peripheral Gifts For Holiday 2021

ROG. Just the name itself exudes a premium feel. Although expensive, the brand that ASUS built is known for trying new things and implementing them in practical products. With that said, here are a couple of ROG peripherals that you can consider as a gift (or as a reward for yourself for that well-earned 13th month pay).

ROG Falchion – Keyboard For Work & Play


A pocket 65% mechanical keyboard that looks great and is also pretty practical. Having tried this myself, this is something that I’d definitely recommend to people who find themselves looking for a good keyboard for work. Wait, ROG for work? Isn’t that overkill? I can say no since a good keyboard will last you a good number of years. It’s also handy if you have small gaming laptops. Given the build, the compactness, and the features, ROG Falchion is something worth considering.

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ROG Keris Wireless – Mobile Gaming Mouse

ROG Keris Wireless

You can say that the ROG Keris Wireless is an entry version of the more formidable ROG Gladius III. It comes with most features that you can find on its high-end brothers without the high-end price tag. Furthermore, it has excellent wireless battery life, has customizable buttons, and you can hot-swap the switches to further extend its already impressive longevity. And if you’re still not impressed, the ROG Keris also weighs at an mind-boggling 79g.

ROG Strix GO USB C -Upgrade For Your Sounds

ROG Strix Go

The ROG Strix GO USB C is ASUS ROG’s mid-range gaming headset. It comes with switches on the headset itself for easy control and is foldable. In terms of audio, it is pretty decent and it comes with the added benefit of AI noise cancelling. Not only that but it is also compatible with numerous products like the Sony PS5, the Nintendo Switch, and even Macs. To wrap everything up, the ROG Strix GO USB C can be had for a good price.

ROG Sheath XXL Black – Good To Your Mouse, Great For Your Desk

ROG Sheath XXL

They say once you go and try XXL mouse pads, you can never go back. The ROG Sheath is an incredibly large mouse pad that can cover your whole desk. Instead of having that table cloth from your grandma and that free mouse pad, why not change them into something that would benefit your mouse, your wrists, and your table. Oh, and the ROG Sheath XXL Black has a anti-slip rubber base and doesn’t fray.

Best TUF Peripheral Gifts For Holiday 2021

While we can admit that ROG’s premium is too high of a wall to scale for some, we still have ASUS’ TUF to provide a great gaming experience without breaking the bank. Here are some noteworthy TUF peripherals that you can watch out this Christmas.

TUF Gaming K3 – Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

Product Overview

The TUF Gaming K3 is one of the best keyboards that I have ever handled. That and it costs a fraction of most high-end keyboards with the same feel. It’s quite bulky and the wire it comes with is thick and built to last. If you’re looking for a good keyboard that can last you a long time without nuking your wallet, you’re looking for the TUF Gaming K3.

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TUF Gaming M3 – All-Around Gaming Mouse

ASUS TUF M3 Gaming Mouse Hungrygeeks PH Review

Honestly, the TUF Gaming M3 is nothing special of a gaming mouse. It has most of what the typical gaming mouse has to offer. However, this changes once you plug it into a system with ASUS Armoury Crate, the program that controls all ASUS products attached to your computer. With this program, you can unlock the TUF Gaming M3 (and all of the peripherals in this list) to its full potential. I’ve been using one as my daily driver and found that it’s incredibly durable, resistant to discoloration brought upon by sweat, and is easily customizable using the ASUS Armoury Crate. High marks due to the aforementioned reasons and also because of its price.

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TUF Gaming H3 Wireless – A Must-Buy Gaming Headset

I can’t stress enough how this gaming headset is a must-buy. I was able to review it while working from home and it has allowed me to join meetings without having to trouble myself with the wires. It has a good enough range that I was even able to wash dishes while in a meeting (sorry ex-boss). Anyhow, as a gaming peripheral, it’s decent. But if you plan on also using it for meetings or online gatherings, this is a headset that you should buy. I’ve recommended this to a couple of friends already and they’ve said the same thing – this headset is awesome.

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TUF Gaming Combo Black K1/M3 – Winning Combo For A Good Price

TUF Gaming Combo K1&M3

If you find yourself planning on buying a new PC this Christmas, consider this package for your keyboard and mouse. Not only does it bundle the two things you need to interact with your computer, it also bundles two decent peripherals. The TUF M3, as mentioned above, is a good gaming mouse with a great build quality. The TUF K1 has multiple controls that further add value to it and is also water-resistant.

Buying this TUF Gaming Combo also saves you a couple of pesos that you can use for other parts.

Where To Buy Them (And Sales!)

The ROG and TUF products mentioned above are already available here in the Philippines. You can probably find them lining up your neighborhood’s friendly computer store. You can also opt to buy them online to save you the hassle of going to shops.

Oh! And the above items might go on sale this Christmas, so best have them on your cart to maximize your savings!

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