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Overwatch 2 Orisa Hero Guide – Skills, Role & Skin Comparison


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In Overwatch 2, players can take control of Orisa, a hero taking on the role of a tank. Get to know Orisa’s skills, role in the game, Overwatch 1 and Overwatch 2 skin comparison, and more using this guide.

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Overwatch 2 Orisa Hero Guide – Details

Overwatch 2 Orisa Cover

Built from parts of one of Numbani’s short-lived OR15 defense robots, Orisa is the city’s newest protector, though she still has much to learn.

A pretty durable offensive tank, Orisa’s strength lies in her ability to stay in the middle of the fight while wreaking havoc. Her Augmented Fusion Driver deals more damage up close, making it advantageous for you to get into the thick of the fight. To help her last longer in a clash, she has two tank skills namely Fortify and Javelin Spin.

Origin Story

Built by eleven-year-old genius Efi Oladele, Orisa was created to defend the city of Numbani from all threats. When the duo successfully repelled an attack from Talon’s Doomfist, they became known as national heroes. Now, Orisa stands ready to protect those in need, using her power for good.

Overwatch 2 Orisa Hero Skills

Orisa Weapons

Augmented Fusion DriverAugmented Fusion Driver Automatic heat based weapon. Deals more damage at closer range.

Orisa Ultimate

Terra SurgeTerra Surge Sweep in enemies and anchor down, gaining the effects of Fortify and charging up a surge of damage. Press the attack button to unleash the surge early.

Orisa Abilities

Energy JavelinEnergy Javelin Launch a javelin at an enemy to stun and knock them back. More effective if the enemy hits a wall.
FortifyFortify Gain temporary health, reducing all damage taken and becoming unstoppable. While active, heat generated by your weapon is reduced.
Javelin SpinJavelin Spin Spin your javelin to destroy projectiles and block melee attacks, while also pushing enemies and increasing forward speed.

Orisa Passive

Role TankRole: Tank Reduces knockbacks received. Less ultimate generated by healing and damage received.

Overwatch 2 Orisa Hero Overwatch 1 & 2 Skins

Tips On How To Use Orisa In Overwatch 2

Charge In & Mow Them Down

Charge and move them down

Orisa is a pretty durable tank given that she has two tank abilities that keep her up in the middle of a fight. Both Fortify and Javelin Spin can keep enemies at bay while you charge deep into their lines to sweep vulnerable targets. However, these abilities last only for a few seconds so be wary of the timings and pull out if you find yourself in danger. Target Supports as they are more likely to have no chances of escape once you start getting up and close.

Pin Down Tank Or Supports

Orisa Pin Javelin

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Energy Javelin is a pretty useful ability of Orisa, provided that it lands. It pins down enemies to walls and disables them for a few seconds, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. Use this skill whenever you can and try to pin slow targets instead of wasting it on very mobile ones. Also worth noting that this pushes enemies away so be careful when using it as you might move your target to a more unfavorable location.

Very Damaging Ultimate

Orisa Ultimate

Orisa’s Ultimate, Terra Surge, pulls enemies around Orisa and damages them after a the charge. Note that while enemies are being pulled, they can still move and fire at Orisa. Even with Fortify on during this ultimate, you can still go down if you are not careful. Have Supports ready to back you up and your damage dealers around you to help sweep up those inside and outside the ultimate.

Other Overwatch 2 Tanks

Visit the official Overwatch 2 page for more info.

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