ROG Chakram X Review Cover
ROG Chakram X Review Cover

When it comes to gaming peripherals on PC, the mouse is usually the one thing that most people spend a lot on. These things that help you navigate around the screen can either spell your doom or success when gaming. But with a lot in the market, which one is actually the best? Which one should you get for yourself? This question is best answered with this review of the ROG Chakram X, another gaming mouse from ASUS. Is it good? Is it expensive? Let’s find out in this review.

ROG Chakram X Review – Specifications

USB 2.0
RF 2.4GHz
Bluetooth 5.2
127 g (w/o cable)
ROG AimPoint
100 ~ 36,000 DPI
Max Speed
650 IPS
Max Acceleration
50 G
RF 2.4G Report rate 1,000 Hz
Wireless Charging Qi wireless charging supported (compatible with ROG Balteus Qi)
Quick Charge Yes
L/R Switch Type
ROG Micro-Switches 70M (spare micro-switches bundled)
Button 11 programmable buttons (not including scroll wheel up/down, digital joystick mode)
AURA Sync Yes
Battery Type
Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Life
Up to 150 Hrs
Grip style
Palm grip
Fingertip grip
Game Type
Windows® 10
Armoury Crate
2m ROG Paracord Cable
132.7 x 76.6 x 42.8 mm
Translucent black and silver
1 x ROG Chakram X Mouse, 2 x ROG 3-pin Micro-Switches (installed in mouse), 2 x Spare Micro-Switches, 1 x Wireless Receiver, 1 x 2 m Paracord Cable (Type-A male to Type-C male), 1 x USB RF Extender Adaptor with mousepad clip (Type-A female to Type-C Female), 1 x Carry Pouch, 1 x long Joystick (installed on mouse), 1 x Short Joystick, 1 x Joystick Cover, 1 x Switch Remover, 1 x Customizable Logo Badge, 1 Sheet x ROG Logo Stickers, 1 x Quick Start Guide, 1 x Warranty Booklet

ROG Chakram X Review – Up Close

ROG Chakram X top


Underside ROG Chakram X Review Joystick joystick replacements naked ROG Chakram X removable cover

ROG logo Change

If you want to hide the ROG logo for some reason, you can open up the case and simply pluck the logo out. You can replace it with the blank badge which you can also customize to your own liking.

Comes With A Pouch

ROG Chakram X Pouch

After months of complaining, I finally get to see a pouch bundled with an ROG product. The ROG Chakram X comes with a good looking pouch that can carry cables, making it a good candidate for those looking for a very mobile gaming mouse.

ROG Chakram X Review – User Experience

More Buttons, Better Control

Is The Joystick Good?

ROG Chakram X Review Joystick

One thing that makes the ROG Chakram X distinct is its small joystick on its left side. It can be used as a normal joystick for movement, but you do have to expend a bit of effort to configure it. The joystick cannot be pressed. But it can also be configured to be used as a scroll button in games or while browsing. Personally, I did find good use in it for MOBAs like DOTA 2 as it’s an easy way to move your screen without hassling yourself with edge scrolling.

Takes Time To Get Used To

As mentioned above, the additional controls may take time to get used to. For the first few weeks, whenever there’s a clash in DOTA 2, I frequently fumbled and would get the button presses wrong, leaving me and my team in shambles. Thankfully, as I got used to the button placements and scheme, I was able to maximize it and use it well. Although it does not feature tons of buttons like the legendary Razer Naga, the ROG Charkram X sits comfortably at the middle as you can use the extra buttons in most games.

More Buttons, More Key Binds

In addition to its in-game use, you can also bind the buttons featured on the ROG Chakram X for productivity. You can use these buttons as you make your documents, fill up your spreadsheets or browse the internet. The buttons have default commands binded to them and you can change these commands by accessing them via the ASUS Armoury Crate.

DPI Change Is Not Easy

ROG Chakram X Review DPI Switch

If you are familiar with most gaming mice, you may find them with a dedicated DPI button. This button is usually located on the sides of the mouse. Pressing this dedicated button changes the DPI setting of the mouse while playing, allowing you to be more or less precise with your mouse movements. For the ROG Chakram X, changing the DPI requires a couple of buttons to execute. By default, you need to press two buttons at the same time to change DPI.

Built To Last

ROG Chakram X Review Switch Replacement

One feature that is consistent with most ROG gaming mouse is that you can hotswap switches. Switches have lifespans and can fail as you use them over time. With the ROG Chakram X, you can simply open the lid of either the left or right mouse button, pluck out the mechanical switch, and replace it with a new one. The ROG Chakram X comes with two extra switches that you can use as replacements. You can also shop online if you wish to get extra compatible switches.

No Down Times

ROG Chakram X Charge

An experience that I’ve had with ASUS wireless gaming mice is that they usually sleep after being left idle for some time. This is to conserve battery but it can be jarring at times as it takes a second or two to move the mouse from idle. Such is not the case with the ROG Chakram X. It does not have this down moment and it responds similar to that of a wired mouse even if left idle for a few minutes. However, this does come with a cost.

Prepare To Charge

During this review, I mainly used the ROG Chakram X’s 2.4Ghz wireless functionality. It was also set to light up in unison with my PC. With these settings, the ROG Chakram X managed to last 3-4 days with up to 10 hours of gaming everyday. If you plan on using this regularly, prepare to get a frequent pop ups warning you of the mouse’s impending death. The battery life warning can be configured if you have an ASUS Armoury Crate installed on your Windows PC.

You can completely remove the necessary charging part while using the mouse wirelessly by using the ROG Chakram X in tandem with the ROG Balteus Qi.

ROG Chakram X Review – Verdict & Conclusion

Premium Gaming Mouse

ROG Chakram X Review

ASUS ROG has years of experience to engineer a good gaming mouse. They already nailed it with the venerable ROG Gladius and they continue to improve with each subsequent release. The ROG Chakram X is the culmination of that experience. This gaming mouse has all of what anyone would want in a gaming mouse. It performs extremely well despite being wireless and is highly customizable. If you feel a bit creative, you can even paint the removal panels to fit your own taste. It’s also built to last with its easy to swap switches. With that said, these features do not come for free.

It’s Expensive

I can definitely say that the ROG Chakram X is one of the more expensive options out there. While you can say that it has a lot of features tacked on to it, those features can be had for cheap, just in separate packages. However, if you can see yourself using a mouse that may last you for years, then this might be a good investment.

For reference, the ROG Chakram X is currently the most expensive ROG gaming mouse in the market. It even eclipses the alien ROG Spatha X in price.

Armoury Crate Needs Some Work

ROG Chakram X Button Config

Although the ROG Chakram X has a lot of customization options, you can only access these via the ASUS Armoury Crate app. Unfortunately, during the time of reviewing this gaming mouse, the Armoury Crate was nothing to write home about. It sometimes freezes and it requires a bit of work to smoothly function well. Don’t get me wrong, Armoury Crate has been great in my previous reviews and I don’t hate it, but it does somewhat affect the experience of handling the ROG Chakram X. This issue is somewhat minor as the mouse works perfectly without Armoury Crate but still a fully functioning app would be incredible.

Good for MOBAs & Productivity

The ROG Chakram X finds great usage in MOBAs where-in instantaneous button clicks is necessary. Not only that but you can use the extra buttons for productivity. In my case, I used the joystick to seamlessly browse the internet as it can be used as a secondary scroll button.

Great Gaming Mouse

ROG Chakram X Award

If you are perusing the market for a great gaming mouse that would meet your needs, then check out the ROG Chakram X. It’s highly customizable and has tons of features that you can use to improve your gaming or work output. However, these features do come with an expensive price tag and its accompanying app is prone to mood swings. It also may take time to get used to as you have to configure your systems and yourself for a bit to maximize it to its fullest potential. All in all, the ROG Chakram X is a great gaming mouse when it works and if I do have the funds, is something I’d personally consider as my daily driver.

ROG Chakram X Review – Pricing & Availability

The ASUS ROG Chakram X is available in the Philippines and is priced at PHP 8,070. It commands a pretty high price but you do get a lot of customization options and features.

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