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ROG Fusion II 300 Review: The Ultimate ROG Gaming Headset


When it comes to gaming headsets, you’d be hard-pressed to find something that stands above the rest. Maybe because most of the good ones are placed at a price range that most won’t notice especially here in the Philippines. I’ve had my fair share of gaming headsets from multiple companies and most of them are samey and are only different in terms of design and color. Not this time. ASUS ROG has just released their ROG Fusion II 300 headset and we’re here to review it. Is it actually good or is it a hard pass? Read this review to know more!

ROG Fusion II 300 Review – Specifications

Usage Scenario Gaming
Interface Wired
Connector USB-A, USB-C
Support Platform PC
PlayStation® 4
PlayStation® 5
Nintendo Switch
Driver Material Neodymium magnet
Driver Size 50mm
Headphones Impedance 32 Ohm
Headphones Frequency Response 20 ~ 40000 Hz
Microphone Pick-up Pattern Omnidirectional
Microphone Sensitivity -37 dB
Microphone Frequency Response 100 ~ 10000 Hz
AI Noise Cancelling Microphone Yes
Hi-Fi DAC ESS 9280
Hi-Fi Amp ESS 9280
Channel Virtual 7.1
Lighting RGB
Aura Yes
Foldablility Yes
Weight 310 g
Extra ear-cushion Yes
Color Black
Cable USB-C cable: 2m;
User guide ROG Hybrid ear cushion USB-C to USB-A adapter dongle
Support PCs, PS4, PS5 via using included USB-C to USB 2.0 adapter **Support iPad Pro by USB-C connection (Audio Only)

ROG Fusion II 300 Review – At A Glance

ROG Fusion II 300 Review ROG Fusion II 300 Review RGB Product Shot 1 Headband Volume Control & Mute Cord

ROG Fusion II 300 Review – User Experience

Look Ma, No Mic!

No Mic ROG Fusion 2 300 Review

One noticeable feature of the ROG Fusion II 300 is the lack of a physical boom mic. It uses AI Beamforming microphones instead. What this means is the headset itself creates a region in which it can capture your voice wirelessly. This and with the help of the AI Noise Cancellation to filter out the noise, and you have yourself a gaming headset that works without a boom mic. Good thing is that it all works, most of the time, in whatever scenario you find yourself in. I was able to use it for work meetings, Discord gaming sessions, and for online calls, without any problems.

In terms of other benefits, no more worrying about where you placed your mic and how to store it when going to another place.

AI Noise Cancellation

The AI Noise Cancellation for the mic works well for most of the time. It was able to filter out my background noise during the time I was testing. These noises include dogs barking, loud thunder, and people chatting from a distance of about 5m. They were all filtered out during a meeting without me touching any setting whatsoever.

On the other hand, there is one scenario that the ROG Fusion II 300 failed. It was when I was talking on Discord while a video from a different laptop was just playing just beside me. The audio from the video managed to get through and my teammates were able to hear it. Other than that unique circumstance, the AI Noise Cancellation is mostly spot on.

Can Get A Bit Hot

Earcups Are Hot

I’ve used the included ROG Protein Leather Ear Cushions and found it to be hot especially when playing during the afternoons here in the Philippines. More so if you use it during the transition from summer to rainy season where it particularly gets incredibly humid. But I digress.

If you frequently play during the afternoons or during the hotter times of the day, know that you may sweat a lot with the leather cushions. Thankfully, the leather seems to be of higher quality so flaking may not be an immediate problem. A quick swipe after a gaming session seems to be enough to resolve it. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I am unable to test the durability of the leather ear cushions for a longer duration against typical daily wear and tear.

Can It Fold?

If you’re worried about having it as your mobile driver, worry not. The ROG Fusion II 300 can be folded for easy storage.

Detachable Cord?


Has Limited RGB

ASUS ROG Fusion II 300 RGB

For those very particular about the lights on their headsets, the ROG Fusion 2 300 does not have a lot. It only has a line of RGB on the cups. You can also program the colors on the RGB using ASUS Armoury Crate and have it be in the same them as your PC.

ROG Fusion II 300 Review – Other Accessories

USB-C To USB-A Adapter

ASUS ROG Fusion II 300 USB Adapter

Included in the package is a USB-C to USB-A adapter that you can use with the headset itself to plug into the more traditional USB-A ports.

ASUS ROG Metal Stand

Not part of the package is an ROG stand that you can buy to hang the headset during your off hours. Build quality is great and is quite solid and heavy. May not be useful especially if you’re not after themed builds. In my opinion, just hanging the headset on the corner of your monitor works fine. Or having it lay on the table or the rig itself works too.

ROG Fusion II 300 Review – Conclusion & Verdict

Passive Noise Cancellation On The Go

ASUS ROG Fusion II Review

The best thing I can say with the ROG Fusion II 300 is that you don’t need to fiddle with anything to make it work. Just plug it in, wait for the driver to install, and you are good to go. No need to hassle yourself with configuration or anything of the likes. Literal plug and play. And the good thing about it all is that it actually works. Unlike some gaming headsets that I’ve tried, this one actually delivers.

No Mic Strat Actually Works

Another surprising thing about the ROG Fusion II 300 is that despite its lack of an extended mic, it manages to crisply transmit audio data to those you’re talking with online. I’ve tried it while in online meetings, on Discord, and even with just casual chats. Those that I spoke with did not comment anything about either low volume or quality and were pretty surprised about the setup that I used to talk to them.

Better Control Location

ASUS ROG Fusion II 300 Review Volume Control

I’ve found that having all of the controls on the headset itself can be pretty freeing. On one hand, it is something you have to get used to but compared to a volume control dangling with the cord, this is definitely a better implementation.

The Better ROG Headset

ASUS ROG Fusion II 300 Review Award

With all the reasons stated above, you can’t go wrong with the ASUS ROG Fusion II 300. I was able to use it as one would in casual scenarios, be it gaming or work, and it managed to deliver in this review. If there’s one thing to actually improve, that would be the price. Maybe have a model without the RGB to reduce the price. Nonetheless, in terms of being a reliable headset, the ASUS ROG Fusion II 300 is definitely one you could trust.

ROG Fusion II 300 Review – Pricing & Availability In The Philippines

The ROG Fusion II 300 is currently available here in the Philippines and has an SRP of PhP 8,020. The stand can be bought for PhP 1,000 and you can find retailers selling them for less. You can buy the headset and its stand at your favorite local PC hardware stores or on Lazada or Shopee.

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A plug-and-play gaming headset that comes with great active and passive noise cancellation. The ROG Fusion II 300 comes with practical features that are readily available on the get go.ROG Fusion II 300 Review: The Ultimate ROG Gaming Headset