Digimon Survive Azulongmon – How To Get

Digimon Survive Azulongmon

In Digimon Survive, players can acquire one of the Sovereign Digimon, Azulongmon. Get to know how to get this powerful Digimon, details, what you need to do and more using this guide.

Digimon Survive Azulongmon – How To Get

Take The True Ending Path

Save Ryo Digimon Survive

Azulongmon can only be unlocked by taking the game’s True Ending. True Ending is only unlocked by beating the game first, then saving Ryo from dying. Preventing Ryo’s death locks you to the game’s true ending which then leads you to encountering the Digimon world’s four gods.


Defeat Azulongmon

Digimon Survive Azulongmon Battle

Azulongmon is the boss of True Ending’s Part 11. You need to defeat it twice in order to be able to use it in battle.

Mega Evolution Of Syakomon

Syakomon Evolution

Defeating Azulongmon unlocks Azulongmon as a possible Mega Evolution of Syakomon. No special item is needed for this and you can immediately use it in battle as an alternative to MarineAngemon.

Other Sovereign Digimon

What Are Sovereign Digimon?

Sovereign Digimon

In Digimon Survive, Sovereign Digimon are guardians or gods of the Digimon realm. They are in-charge of maintaining the world and are expected to keep the harmony between the human and the Digimon worlds. In the game’s true ending, you get to encounter them as you try to solve the underlying problems of the mysterious world while trying to get back home.

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