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Digimon Survive Recruitable Digimon List & Talk Recruitment Guide


In Digimon Survive, players can talk to Digimon to recruit them to the team. These Digimon must be given the proper answers for them to be convinced to join. Get to know the Digimon that can be recruited, how to talk to them, and more using this guide.

Digimon Survive Recruitable Digimon List

This list contains confirmed Digimon that can be recruited in Free Battles or Shadow encounters. Digimon that can be recruited by other means, be it story or Free Exploration, are excluded. Also, this list is a work in progress and will be updated once more information is confirmed.

Click on the Digimon to open their Talk Guide for the proper responses.

How To Recruit Free Digimon

Talk & Give The Proper Answers

Digimon Survive Talk

To recruit Free Digimon, or Free Monsters, you must “Talk” to them during Battles. Once you initiate a conversation, 6 bars will appear on top of the target Digimon. You will be asked with three questions and depending on your answers, the bars will be filled. You need to fill the up to three bars in order to unlock the option to recruit that Digimon.

Only Main Partners Can Talk

Digimon Survive Talk Option

If you plan on recruiting more Digimon, best have your team be filled with Main Partner Digimons like Agumon and Falcomon. Only Digimon from the main cast can Talk. In addition, you can only Talk to a Digimon once but you can use the Talk function multiple times in a turn depending on the number of your Main Partner Digimon.

Retry If They Run Away

Digimon Survive Retry

You can retry the battle to give yourself another chance when capturing or recruiting a Digimon. If you fail to fill up to three bars or if the target Digimon runs away, you can pause the battle and select Retry for a re-do. This method is way faster than reloading the game again.

Encounter Them In Free Battles

Digimon Survive Free Battles

Free Monsters can be encountered in Free Battles. Free Battles can be used to grow your team’s level, get items, or recruit more bodies for your team. Digimon in Free Battles change after each encounter and event. Be on the look out for those Digimon that you don’t have as they may spawn here.

Encounter Them In Shadow Encounters

Digimon Survive Shadow Encounters

Aside from Free Battles, you also encounter Free Digimon in Shadow Encounters. Shadow Encounters are battles that you can interact with while exploring the world of Digimon Survive. They can be encountered by using your camera and focusing on a glitch. These battles are quite random so you won’t really know if a new Digimon will join the battle unless you choose to fight.

Digimon Survive – Sovereigns

The following Digimon can only be recruited in New Game Plus. You don’t have to talk to them as they are all acquired by following the game’s True Ending. They are acquired not as new Digimon but as Mega evolutions of partner Digimon.

Other Digimon Survive Guides

Digimon Survive is out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Get to know more about it here.




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