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Digimon Survive All Digimon List


In Digimon Survive, there are a total of 117 Digimon present in the game. Although there are more that you can encounter via cutscenes, these 117 Digimon are either recruitable or part of the game’s story. Check out this list to know which Digimon are present in the game.

For recruitable Digimon, check out this list.

Digimon Survive Digimon List – 117 Digimon

Rookie Digimon List

1 Falcomon 2 Labramon
3 Palmon 4 Agumon
5 Syakomon 6 Floramon
7 Gabumon 8 Kunemon
9 Dracmon 10 Lopmon
11 Patamon 12 Tentomon
13 Biyomon 14 Gomamon
15 Gotsumon 16 Renamon
17 Betamon 18 Gazimon

Champion Digimon List

19 Garumon 20 Numemon
21 Meramon 22 Deltamon
23 Greymon 24 Shellmon
25 Vegiemon 26 Fangmon
27 Seadramon 28 Diatrymon
29 Flymon 30 Angemon
31 Kabuterimon 32 Birdramon
33 Togemon 34 Ikkakumon
35 Gatomon 36 Seasarmon
37 Dokugumon 38 Tyrannomon
39 Tuskmon 40 Sangloupmon
41 Turueimon 42 Wendigomon
43 Kyubimon 44 Leomon
45 Kiwimon 46 Cyclonemon
47 Kuwagamon 48 Guardromon
49 Dobermon

Ultimate Digimon List

50 MarineDevimon 51 Okuwamon
52 MetalGreymon 53 Etemon
54 MegaSeadramon 55 Blossomon
56 Monzaemon 57 Crowmon
58 Arukenimon 59 SkullGreymon
60 Megadramon 61 MagnaAngemon
62 MegaKabuterimon 63 Garudamon
64 Lillymon 65 Zudomon
66 Angewomon 67 WereGarurumon
68 Myotismon 69 Triceramon
70 Cerberusmon 71 Antylamon
72 JewelBeemon 73 Mermaimon
74 Taomon 75 IceLeomon
76 Deramon 77 Andromon
78 BlueMeramon 79 Gigadramon

Mega Digimon List

80 MetalGarurumon 81 Spinomon
82 WarGreymon 83 MetalSeadramon
84 Varodurumon 85 Zhuqiaomon
86 Baihumon 87 Azulongmon
88 Ebonwumon 89 Fanglongmon
90 Seraphimon 91 HerculesKabuterimon
92 Phoenixmon 93 Rosemon
94 Plesiomon 95 Magnadramon
96 Piedmon 97 Boltboutamon
98 Dinorexmon 99 Machinedramon
100 Plutomon 101 Beelzemon
102 Cherubimon 103 BanchoStingmon
104 Ceresmon Medium 105 MarineAngemon
106 Anubismon 107 Sakuyamon
108 SaberLeomon 109 GranKuwagamon
110 Puppetmon 111 Ceresmon
112 Sakuyamon 113 Omnimon


Guilmon can be found the end of the list likely due to its status as a DLC add-on.

114 Guilmon 115 Growlmon
116 WarGrowlmon 117 Gallantmon

How To Get Digimon In Digimon Survive

  • Use “Talk”
  • Progress the story
  • Encounter them during Free Time or Exploration
  • Get them via DLC

Use “Talk” To Befriend Digimon

Digimon Survive Talk

In Digimon Survive, you can talk to “Free Digimon” in the battlefield. Free Digimon are wild Digimon that have no human partners. They can be talked to by your partner Digimons like Agumon and Falcomon. To convince them to join your team, you have to answer their questions first and satisfy them with your answers.

Know more by reading the Recruitable Digimon List.

Progress The Story

Agumons Evolution Chart

The story of Digimon Survive pits the player against powerful and strange monsters. Some of these monsters join your ranks either by simply progressing or fulfilling certain conditions. Some even appear as possible evolutions of your partner Digimon.

Encounter Digimon During Free Time Or Exploration

Digimon Survive Gomamon joined the party

During Free Time or Exploration, you may encounter Digimon that are willing to join your team. Although this may expend a Move charge to do, these Digimon are usually hard to find. If you miss your chance to get them, you may have to restart the game from the start or continue and just try again via new game plus.

Get Digimon Via DLC

Digimon Survive How To Get Guilmon

Aside from the methods mentioned above, you can get more Digimon by getting it as extra downloadable content. During the launch of the game, players get to enjoy the iconic Guilmon as part of the package. We may see some more Digimon in the future as additional DLC.

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Digimon Survive is out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Get to know more about it here.




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