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Digimon Survive True Ending Explained & How To Unlock


In Digimon Survive, players get to unlock the True Ending of the game to view the best ending possible. Get to know how to get the True Ending, what happens, and more using this guide. Obviously, spoilers ahead.

If you fancy seeing the worst ending possible, read the Bad Ending Guide to know more.

Digimon Survive True Ending – How To Unlock

Key Points

For those looking only to unlock the game’s true ending, you need to do the following first:

  • Complete the game for the first time
  • Save Ryo by raising his affinity

Finish The Game First

Digimon Survive New Game Plus

To unlock the True Ending, you must first clear the game once. No need to replay the game for each different path. Once is enough for you to unlock the conditions required for the best ending. After finishing the game, a new save file with a green “Cleared” box marking it will be made. Use this for your second playthrough to get the true ending while also enjoying the benefits of new game plus.

Save Ryo

Save Ryo Digimon Survive

Once you get up and running in your second run, the next condition is to save Ryo. With high enough Affinity, you can prevent Ryo’s eventual demise after he falls from the bridge. Don’t worry about having not enough chances as the game increases the Affinity that you get with Ryo and you also have more opportunities to do so. Once you save Ryo, you are locked to the path of Digimon Survive’s true ending.

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Digimon Survive True Ending Explained

Everybody Survives

Digimon Survive True Ending

The True Ending also gives the best possible outcome out of all the paths. In the default three ones, you get a couple of characters dying from tragic actions. In the True Ending, nobody dies and everybody gets to go home, including Miyuki.

The Real Villain Is Revealed

Digimon Survive Haruchika

The Master, or the lord of the Digimon world is revealed to be a Digimon corrupted by its human partner’s rage. A sacrified boy named Haruchika, angry with his sister sacrificing him and leaving him for good, is behind all of the hijinks as he has decided to destroy both worlds.

Ultimately, the team manages to beat Haruchika and Fanglongmon Ruin Mode with the help of friendship, love, four god Digimon, and with Miyuki channeling Haruchika’s sister’s soul. Yes, the near-destruction of both worlds is unfortunately brought upon by a misunderstanding spanning hundreds of years.

Digimon & Humans Coexist

They said the thing
He said the thing.

As both worlds have assimilated into one, Digimon have started to appear in the human world. Takuma and the gang return with their partner Digimon and they now have a new task: convince the people that Digimon are not harmful. Also, due to the influence of social media in increasing the belief on these “Kemonogami”, people online started calling them “Digital Monsters” or “Digimon”.

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Digimon Survive is out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Get to know more about it here.




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