Digimon Survive Character List

Digimon Survive Character List

In Digimon Survive, players get to meet and interact with a good number of characters. These characters may or may not heavily impact the course of the game. Depending on your interaction with them, the flow of the game may differ. Get to know the characters of the game using this handy list. Also, be prepared for a couple of SPOILERS!

This list is a work in progress and will be updated once new information is confirmed.

Digimon Survive Character List

Character Digimon Partner
Takuma Momozuka Agumon
Kaito Shinonome Dracmon
Aoi Shibuya Labramon
Minoru Hinata Falcomon
Shuuji Kayama Lopmon
Ryo Tominaga Kunemon
Saki Kimishima Floramon
Miu Shinonome Syakomon
Miyuki Minase Renamon
Haru Gabumon
Haruchika Fanglongmon

Progress The Story To Meet Characters

Digimon Survive Character list Minoru


Although you meet most of the characters during the onset of the game, you can get to know more about them as you progress the game’s main story. These characters have their own role in the story and some of them even play an important part in pivotal segments.

Grow Relationships With Affinity

Digimon Survive Affinity Up

Affinity not only affects Takuma’s relationship with other characters but it also grants a tangible bonus during battles. Affinity affects evolution of monsters and the frequency of Digimon interaction, backups, and supports during battle. The value of Affinity is heavily affected by the choices that you make during the story.

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Digimon Survive is out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Get to know more about it here.