Digimon Survive New Game Plus
Digimon Survive New Game Plus

In Digimon Survive, after you finish the game for the first time, you get to enjoy New Game Plus. But what is New Game Plus? What gets carried over? Do you start again from zero? Read this guide to know more.

Digimon Survive New Game Plus – What Gets Carried Over?

Carried Over Features

Digimon Survive New Game Plus Battle

  • Digimon and Levels
  • Evolutions for main partner Digimon (Agumon, Dracmon, etc.)
  • Items
  • Equipment
  • Database (Key Items, Character Episodes, etc.)

The features listed above are unlocked once you reach Part 1 of the game.


What Does Not Get Carried Over?

  • Character Affinity
  • Karma

Digimon Survive New Game Plus – What’s New?

New Features In New Game Plus

  • Unlock the “Truth” Ending
  • Have Other Characters Survive
  • Skip Scenes Properly
  • Mugen Recollection
  • Get the Sovereign Digimon

Unlock The “Truthful” Ending

The Truth ending is Digimon Survive’s true ending. You can only unlock this after you have finished the game once at any ending. With this, you can finally get a whole picture of the game’s setting, events, and of course, the best outcome.

Read the True Ending guide to know more.

Save Some Characters

Save Ryo Digimon Survive

Remember the characters that died during your first run? How about a chance to save them and have them be useful (and not irritating) for once? Well, your wish is now a reality as new game plus grants you the chance to rescue these characters and save them for the better.

Skip Scenes Properly

During your first run, you won’t be able to completely skip scenes. This is due to the game stopping the skip function during scenes that you encounter for the first time. With New Game Plus, you can basically sweep through the first parts of the game as you have already viewed them. Also, a good thing about this skip feature is that it stops for scenes or dialogues that you have yet to encounter. This allows you to automatically stop and savor new scenes in an already familiar game.

Mugen Recollection

Mugen Recollection

Aside from the above features, you also get to unlock Mugen Recollection. This appears once you reach Part 1 of the game and is a gauntlet of challenges filled with a lot of Digimon. If you plan on encountering all Digimon in the game, this challenge is your best bet. Also note that you won’t be able to talk to and recruit the Digimon in Mugen Recollection.

Get The Sovereign Digimon

The Sovereign Digimon are considered the gods of Digimon. They are quite powerful and are directly involved with the events of the game. You can only get them by playing new game plus.

Sovereign Digimon Guides

How To Unlock New Game Plus In Digimon Survive

Finish The Game First

As the name implies, New Game Plus is a re-do of the game’s main campaign with some of your progress in your previous playthrough being carried over. This means that you start with a great and powered roster, a lot of late-game items, and better knowledge of the flow of the game.

Continue From The Save

After completing the game for the first time, you will be asked to the save the game. Continue from this save to start new game plus.

Does Not Affect Other Saves

Unlike other games, Digimon Survive’s new game plus is tied only to your save’s progress. It does not affect all other saves and does not unlock anything for them.

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Digimon Survive is out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Get to know more about it here.