Digimon Survive Phasmamend Unit
Digimon Survive Phasmamend Unit

In Digimon Survive, you may encounter a weird orb called Phasmamend. These units are immobile and are unexplained participants in some battles. Get to know what a Phasmamend does, abilities, attacks, and more using this guide.

Digimon Survive Phasmamend Unit Info

Digimon Survive Phasmamend

Heals A Nearby Digimon

The Phasmamend is a unit that is usually found during boss fights. It is first encountered as the weird floating ball in the battle against Arukenimon. They provide a large amount of healing to a single random Digimon beside it. This can be a boon during boss fights as you can tank some of the bosses’ attacks while being beside a Phasmamend.


Opposite to the Phasmamend is the Phasmacharge. Instead of healing, the Phasmacharge damages units around it.

Can Heal Friend Or Foe

Digimon Survive Phasmamend Heal

As it targets a random Digimon, the Phasmamend can heal either an enemy Digimon or a friendly one. Be sure to use it only to your advantage. You can either destroy it to prevent it from healing enemy Digimon or you can forcibly push or move the enemy Digimon away from it.

Digimon Survive Phasmamend Unit Spawn

Confirmed Phasmamend Spawns

This list is a work in progress and will be updated as more info is confirmed.

  • Part 3
  • Part 5
  • Part 6

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