Digimon Survive How To Evolve
Digimon Survive How To Evolve

In Digimon Survive, players can evolve Digimon to access better abilities and stats. Evolved Digimon are far more effective in battle so you should strive to get them when you can. Get to know how to evolve Digimon in the game, items that you need, and more using this guide.

Digimon Survive How To Evolve Digimon

Two Ways To Evolve Digimon

  • Unlock Evolution via the story
  • Use items to evolve Free Digimon

Unlock Evolution By Progressing The Story

Digimon Survive Evolve During Fights

As you progress the story, you get to unlock additional evolution for the story Digimon (Agumon, etc.) Unlike the evolution of “Free Digimon”, these evolutions are not permanent and are only triggered during fights. Evolved Digimon also consume SP every turn so watch out for long fights.


Karma Plays An Important Part

Agumons Evolution Chart

Karma, or the colored choices that you make at certain points of the game, affect the evolution of certain Digimon. The best example of this is Agumon. In three points in the game, Agumon’s evolution is determined by your karma during that time.

Also, if you missed out a couple of Digimon due to Agumon’s lock, fret not. You can recruit all of them during the course of the game.

Affinity Is Important

Character Affinity

If you want to access the higher evolution levels of your teammates, best talk to them and give them the proper answers. Affinity plays an important part especially during the latter parts of the game. The Ultimate and Mega evolutions are locked behind this gate so best improve your affinity with your friends as the story progresses.

Affinity Thresholds For Evolution

Evolution / Digivolution Required Affinity
Ultra Evolution 35
Mega Evolution 70

Read more about Affinity’s effect on Digimon evolution here.

Use Items To Evolve Free Digimon

Digimon Survive Mature Enlightenment Slab

For “Free Monsters” (Free Digimon), those that you befriend during battles or Free Action, you can evolve them using a specific item. Evolution is permanent and you cannot roll it back so choose according to your team’s needs or what you think is cool. Items required to evolve Free Digimon can be acquired as you progress the story. Most of the time, you get them from doing optional tasks during Free Action or as rewards for winning fights.

Free Monsters do not have a level requirement when you evolve them. This means that you can turn your level 1 Rookie to a level 1 Mega Digimon without any problems.

Items Required To Evolve Free Monsters

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