Digimon Survive Shuuji Dead
Digimon Survive Shuuji Dead

In Digimon Survive, Shuuji’s death hits the player during Part 5 of the game. However, is this death preventable? Can you actually save Shuuji? Read this guide to know how to prevent Shuuji’s death, effects of affinity, what happens then, and more. Obviously, spoilers ahead.

Digimon Survive Shuuji’s Death – How To Prevent

What You Need To Do

  • Clear the game
  • Save Ryo

Clear The Game First

Unfortunately, Shuuji’s death during your first playthrough is unavoidable. But on New Game Plus, you can actually save him together with Ryo. So  if you are on your first playthrough, best soldier on and finish the game first so you can reexperience the story again and save Shuuji.

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Save Ryo First

Save Ryo Digimon Survive

Once you clear the game, you need to save Ryo first. As a tip, the game shows you a message that says “if Ryo’s affinity was higher, maybe everyone could have survived.” While the wording is a bit strange, you can only do this in new game plus. So in order to save Shuuji, you must first save Ryo by raising his affinity as much as you can during the early parts of the game. Don’t worry about this as you have more opportunities to raise Ryo’s affinity in new game plus.

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Digimon Survive Shuuji’s Death – What Happens Next?

More Scenes With Shuuji

Digimon Survive Shuuji Survives

Undeniably one of the worst characters in the game, Shuuji finally redeems himself in new game plus. After getting saved by Ryo, Shuuji learns from the error of his ways and treats Lopmon better. Obviously, with Shuuji alive, you get to know his thoughts and how he influences the latter events of the game.

Unlock Lopmon’s Evolution

Lopmon Evolution

Lopmon’s eventual demise in the first run is one of the game’s shocking highlights. But in this case, if Shuuji survives, you also see Lopmon’s growth as a dependable partner. If you want to view complete the list of all Digimons in the game, you have to save Shuuji and see Lopmon’s Champion, Ultimate, and Mega evolutions.

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Push Through With The True Ending

Saving Ryo and Shuuji from their deaths also unlocks the game’s True Ending. Redeeming both of them then locks you to the real ending of Digimon Survive, changing a lot of things from your first playthrough. Best play the game through this ending to get closures for not just Shuuji, but also some characters that died in the branching default story.

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