Digimon Survive Affinity Guide
Digimon Survive Affinity Guide
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In Digimon Survive, players get to encounter choices that increase Affinity with different characters. Affinity plays an important part in both the battlefield and major turning points in the game. So how do you actually increase affinity? Is there a way to get all the correct answers? Read this guide to know more.

Digimon Survive Affinity – How To Increase

Save Before You Answer

Save Scum Digimon Survive

Probably the easiest way to get all answers correct is to save before you answer. During conversations, you still get access to “Data Management”. You can save first before making a choice and then proceed to get the more “affectionate” choice to increase affinity. If you get the wrong choice, simply load up and select each one until you get the right answer. Don’t worry about most choices as they mostly have no major effect to the story (up until a certain point the game). Just choose the answer correctly and enjoy the benefits of high Affinity.


Talk To Characters During Free Action & Exploration

Exploration Time and Free Action are opportunities where you should get a lot of Affinity for your main characters. During this time, you are free to move around and interact with items or characters. However, actions cost a move charge (or point) and you only have a limited amount per chapter/part. Use these moves to increase your affinity with characters and reap the rewards during the latter parts of the game!

Affinity Values Vary

Even with the correct answer, the points added to your Affinity with characters do vary. Sometimes, a good interaction only grants you an extra point, while there are also cases where you get three. Either way, maximize these points and get them when you can using the above method.

Digimon Survive Affinity Effects

Affects The Evolution Of Digimon Partners

Dracmon Evolution

Affinity between Takuma and the other characters greatly influence the Digimons of your main party. As evolutions are locked behind Affinity levels, you need to increase it as much as you can for them to be readily available at a definite point in Digimon Survive. Take advantage of opportunities and do not waste your Exploration moves.

Affinity Thresholds For Evolution

Evolution / Digivolution Required Affinity
Ultra Evolution 35
Mega Evolution 70

Champion Evolutions are not included as they are tied to the story. Also, note that Evolutions are also dependent on your progress in the game’s story. Even if you reach that affinity level earlier, you won’t be able to unlock that main Digimon’s evolution until you reach a certain point in the game.

Play A Cutscene To Unlock Evolution

You get a notification on the World Map whenever a character has unlocked a new evolution. To use the new evolution in battles, you have to interact with that character’s cutscene and short battle first. Don’t worry about this as this does not consume a move during free exploration. You only need to be there to unlock that main partner Digimon’s next evolution.

Affects Frequency Of Support During Combat

Digimon Survive Affinity Assist

Affinity also greatly affects the interaction of that character’s Digimon with other Digimon. High affinity means that they offer more support such as healing, extra attacks, and SP boosts.

Maybe A Certain Someone Can Survive?

After finishing the game for the first time, maybe increasing your Affinity with a certain someone can save them from their eventual death? Maybe not just one person but two? Who knows? Finish the game first to see it through!

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