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Digimon Survive How To Speed Up Battles


In Digimon Survive, players can speed up battles to quickly progress through the story. In game, battles can be grueling and can take time due to the game’s animations and speed. Read this guide to know how to speed up battles and other settings.

Digimon Survive How To Speed Up Battles

Four Ways To Speed Up Battles

  • Change the Battle Speed settings
  • Press a button during battles
  • Turn off Skill Animations
  • Use Auto Battle
  • Lower the game’s Difficulty

Use The Battle Speed Multiplier

Digimon Survive Battle Speed

To speed up battles in Digimon Survive easily, you can make use of the Battle Speed Multiplier in the “Settings” Menu. You can access this in the game’s main menu.

Press A Button To Speed Up During Battles

During evolutions, attack animations, or movements, you can press the following buttons to quicken the transition:

  • PS4 – X
  • Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, PC – A
  • Nintendo Switch – B

Note that animations still play unless you turn them off in the Settings menu.

Turn Off Skill Animations

Digimon Survive No Animation

To hasten battles a bit further, you can turn off Skill Animations in the Settings menu. This turns off the animations for attacks, skills, and other actions. If you want quicker transitions, best turn this setting off.

Use Auto Battle

Digimon Survive Auto Battle

Battles are fairly easy in Digimon Survive especially if you have an overleveled team. With a decent team, you can utilize Auto-Battle, together with how the AI will control your team, using the Pause menu during a battle.

Select Auto-Battle and choose how the AI will behave and then leave it to do something else. Note that there is still a threat that your team may lose here so best use it during Free Battles and not during boss or story battles.

Lower The Game’s Difficulty

To make battles easier and faster, you can opt to choose the game’s easiest difficulty setting. With this and Auto-Battle, you’ll be breezing through the game’s sparse battles in no time!

Read the Digimon Survive Difficulty Guide to know more.

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Digimon Survive is out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Get to know more about it here.




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