Digimon Survive Romance
Digimon Survive Romance

In Digimon Survive, players get to meet a variety of characters to interact with during the course of the story. With interaction and player choice, the question is: is there romance in Digimon Survive. Get to know with this article.

Digimon Survive Romance – Can You Romance Characters?

No Romance In Digimon Survive

Sorry to break your heart but there is no romance in Digimon Survive. Although you get to interact with a good number of characters, there is no option to romance them. Interaction is done via dialogues and the Affinity system reflects this, you do not have opportunities to give gifts, etc. But this does not mean that you should ignore your relationships in the game as…

Higher Affinity Grants Better Effects

Although there is no romance in the game, increasing Affinity has a lot of effects. The effects themselves translate to battlefield buffs and even affects the outcome of the story at some point in the game. Not only that but Affinity directly affects the evolution of partner Digimon (Digimon from the main cast).


Read the Affinity Guide to know more about its effects and uses.

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Digimon Survive is out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Get to know more about it here.