Digimon Survive Gomamon joined the party
Digimon Survive Gomamon joined the party

In Digimon Survive, players can recruit or “capture” more Digimon to help them in battles. Getting new Digimon takes time and you have to satisfy certain conditions first. Get to know how to get recruit new Digimon, tips, and more using this guide.

Digimon Survive How To Recruit

Check out the list of recruitable Digimon and responses here.

3 Ways To Get New Digimon

  • Progress The Story
  • Talk To Them
  • Get Them During Free Action

Progress The Story

Digimon Survive Dracmon Joins


As you progress Digimon Survive’s story, you also unlock additional Digimon via the characters that you meet. These story Digimon have more capabilities than the “Free Digimon”. If you want more powerful Digimon, continue with the story and see what you can unlock!

Talk To Digimon During Battles

Digimon Survive How to recruit Digimon

Battles are where you can get “Free Digimon”. These Digimon are deemed “free” because they don’t have partners like the protagonist. To get them, use the “Talk” option while controlling a main Digimon like Agumon. Get at least 3 of the bars filled to initiate a conversation and invite them to your team. Note that this only works for Free Battles and not story battles!

Digimon Survive Retry

A good way to ensure that you get the Digimon that you want is to restart battles if you fail the conversation. Use this to your advantage. This is also easier if there are two Digimons of the same kind in the field as you do not risk having one run away to end the fight.

Check out the list of recruitable Digimon and responses here.

Get More Digimon During Free Action

Digimon Survive Gomamon joined the party

Free Action segments are where you can spend limited amounts of time to increase your affinity with other characters. You can also use this time to get more Digimon to join you. Explore as much as you can here and try to talk to other Digimon or visit other locations. Who knows? You might get a rare Digimon to follow you.

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