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Total War Warhammer 3: Outposts & Allegiance Guide


In Total War Warhammer 3, players can make use of outposts and allegiance to win wars. But how do you get them? How can you build an outpost? And how do you earn allegiance to help your War Co-Ordination target? Let’s find out with this guide!

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Total War Warhammer 3 Outposts – How To Get

Total War Warhammer

Outposts are structures that you can build in allied cities. It allows you access to their recruitment, allowing you to get units that are unique to them. Aside from gold, units recruited using this method also require a new resource called Allegiance. The stronger the unit that you want to recruit, the more Allegiance is required.

How To Build Outposts

  1. Establish a diplomatic relationship with a faction.
  2. Increase your relationship status by having Trade and Military Access. You can get more by joining them in their wars.
  3. Make a Defensive Alliance with the faction. You can start building the first level outpost here.
  4. Improve the relationship further by upgrading your partnership to an Alliance. This grants you access to the level 2 and level 3 outposts for that faction.

Requires Space To Build

total war warhammer 3 building outposts

Outposts can only be built in provincial capitals in Total War Warhammer 3. Each capital offers only a space for one so space is a bit limited. It is highly recommended that you quickly establish relationships with factions that you want to recruit from. It also allows you to passively gain Allegiance as you progress through the campaign. Note that you also also need money to build your outposts.

Build With Vassals

You can also build outposts in settlements of Vassal factions.

Total War Warhammer 3 How To Earn Allegiance

Earned Per Turn Or When Battling Common Foes

total war warhammer 3 allegiance

Allegiance is earned per turn in Total War Warhammer 3. When a faction enters into a Defensive Alliance with another, you can view the the Allegiance on the upper left side of the Diplomacy menu. This grows steadily as long as you are in an alliance with each other.

Do Allied Missions For An Instant Boost

Allied missions warhammer

On the other hand, you can grow it further by attacking common enemies and doing allied missions. Missions may take time but they offer several turns worth of Allegiance when accomplished. Note that these missions have a time limit, so take them on and complete them as soon as you can.

How To Spend Allegiance

  1. To recruit allied unique units
  2. For War Co-ordination (attacking or defending regions with your allies)

Recruit Allied Units

Warhammer 3 Allied Recruitment

If you are playing a different faction and want some super units from another one, fret not. Outposts allow you to recruit units from other factions at the cost of both gold and Allegiance. While they can be costly, they do allow you to plug holes in your roster. You also have a limit on how many units you can recruit so be mindful of this and use your Allegiance wisely.

War Co-Ordination Consumes Allegiance

Whenever you command an ally or Vassal using War Co-ordination, you immediately consume 10 Allegiance. Take note of this as you cannot undo and return spent Allegiance. Decide carefully whenever you call an ally to defend or attack a region.

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