Warhammer 40,000 Tacticus: Eldryon – Character Details, Skills & Info

Tacticus Eldryon Cover

In Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus, players can get the character/hero Eldryon of the Aeldari. Get to know this character, stats, talents and passive abilities, how to get and more using this guide.

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Tacticus Eldryon – Farseer

Tacticus Eldryon

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Psykers of unparalleled ability and renown, the Farseers meticulously plan and execute strategies covering thousands of years. Even their smallest actions can bring enormous change; they are the butterfly’s wings and the hurricane in one.

Tacticus Eldryon Abilities


An enemy target within range 2 takes X Psychic Damage for each round that has started. If the target is eliminated, then an adjacent enemy unit also takes X Psychic Damage for each round that has started.


All enemy units exactly 2 hexes away from Eldryon take +X Damage when attacked by friendly units. Friendly Aeldari units deal an additional +X Damage to these targets.

Tacticus Eldryon Traits


When attacking with a ranged Psychic attack, this unit uses Smite and deals 50% of that Damage to a random enemy adjacent to the target.

How To Get Eldryon

  • Requisition Drops

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