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Warhammer 40K Tacticus: Orks – How To Get


In Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus, players can acquire characters in the Orks faction. Get to know how to get these characters, conditions, where to get shards, and more using this guide.

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Tacticus – How To Get Characters (Orks)

“Now git out there and krush dem all!”

Snotflogga – Runtherd


It takes an Ork of infinite patience – by Ork standards – and a gimlet glare to wrangle a war band’s grots and snots. Of course, a savage squig hound with which make a few examples doesn’t hurt either.

How To Get

  • Requisition Drops
  • Salvage Run

Read Snotflogga’s skills & character guide for more info.

Gibbascrapz – Big Mek


Projected from a mass of whirly bits and alarmingly-sparking gubbinz, the kustom force field is a wobbling energy dome, leaving the Mek and his oblivious mates protected from incoming fire and free to storm onward into battle.

How To Get

  • Requisition Drops

Read Gibbascrapz’s skills & character guide for more info.

Snappawrecka – Killa Kan


Surgically wiring grots into combat walkers is risky: the runty loons tend to go on a bit of a power trip, hazardous to every Ork that ever treated them badly. It is, however, also hazardous to every enemy in the way.

How To Get

  • Requisition Drops

Read Snappawrecka’s skills & character guide for more info.

Tanksmasha – Nob on Smasha Squig

Tacticus Orks Tanksmasha

To compensate for a lifetime of perpetual concussion, nature has furnished smasha squigs with virtually no brain. Only the most belligerent Nobz can keep these beasts pointed forward long enough to make metal- and bone-pulverizing impacts.

How To Get

  • Requisition Drops

Read Tanksmasha’s skills & character guide for more info.

Boss Gulgortz – Warboss in Mega Armour

Boss Gulgortz

A towering slab of muscle, metal and bad attitude, a Warboss who leads the charge from the very front, bulldozing a bloody path through the enemy. Meanwhile, his window-rattling war cry motivates his ladz to ever more gratuitous violence.

How To Get

  • Requisition Drops

Read Gulgortz’s skills & character guide for more info.

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