In Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus, players can get the character/hero Gibbascrapz of the Orks. Get to know this character, stats, talents and passive abilities, how to get and more using this guide.

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Tacticus Gibbascrapz – Big Mek



Projected from a mass of whirly bits and alarmingly-sparking gubbinz, the kustom force field is a wobbling energy dome, leaving the Mek and his oblivious mates protected from incoming fire and free to storm onward into battle.

Tacticus Gibbascrapz Abilities

Grot Tank

Calls in a Grot Tank in an adjacent free hex. The Grot Tank has +X Health for each turn that has started and immediately takes a turn.

Kustom Force Field

All friendly adjacent units have an additional +X Armor.

Tacticus Gibbascrapz Traits


Can Repair a friendly Mechanical unit’s Health as its action. The amount of Health repaired equals the Mechanic’s Damage multiplied by the highest number of hits of any of their weapons.

How To Get Gibbascrapz

  • Requisition Drops

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