In Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus, players can get the character/hero Snotflogga of the Orks. Get to know this character, stats, talents and passive abilities, how to get and more using this guide.

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Tacticus Snotflogga – Runtherd



It takes an Ork of infinite patience – by Ork standards – and a gimlet glare to wrangle a war band’s grots and snots. Of course, a savage squig hound with which make a few examples doesn’t hurt either.

Tacticus Snotflogga Abilities

Get ‘Em Runtz

Spawns 1 Grot in each adjacent hex that also has an enemy unit adjacent to it. Newly spawned Grots can immediately attack an enemy in melee, but cannot move this turn.

Squig Hound

Friendly Grots within 2 hexes ignore Battle Figure. After Grumbal Snotflogga moves, the Squig Hound bites a random adjacent enemy for 1x X Physical Damage.

Tacticus Snotflogga Traits

Beast Snagga

Deals +20% melee Damage to Big Targets and Vehicles. Has an added 10% chance to Block 20% of its max Health as Damage.

How To Get Snotflogga

  • Requisition Drops
  • Salvage Run – complete Salvage runs to get shards for Snotflogga. Each run can give you roughly two Snotflogga shards.

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