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Warhammer 40,000 Tacticus: Haarken Worldclaimer – Character Details, Skills & Info


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In Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus, players can get the character/hero Haarken Worldclaimer of the Black Legion. Get to know this character, stats, talents and passive abilities, how to get and more using this guide.

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Tacticus Haarken Worldclaimer – Herald of the Apocalypse

Haarken Worldclaimer

Before every doom, there is a portent, before every apocalypse is a sign. Haarken Worldclaimer is that dark omen given form, and the otherworldly destruction he heralds is the coming of the Warmaster himself.

Tacticus Haarken Worldclaimer Abilities

Herald of the Apocalypse

As Haarken plunges his Helspear into an adjacent enemy target dealing 2x X Piercing Damage and removing -10 Armour, he speaks of the enemy’s imminent doom and triggers the Battle Fatigue trait for all enemy units within 2 hexes of the target.


Every time Haarken defeats an enemy unit, he adds +X Damage to his attacks for the rest of the battle. Every time Haarken defeats an enemy character, he also adds +X Hits for the rest of the battle.

Tacticus Haarken Worldclaimer Traits

Let the Galaxy Burn

Whenever attacking an enemy, there’s a 50% chance that one additional hit is scored against that unit, or a unit adjacent to it, if that unit is not Chaos. This applies regardless to which side the unit is on.


Can traverse impassable hexes and enemies and move between any elevation. Does not get any bonuses from Tall Grass and Trenches.

How To Get Haarken Worldclaimer

  • Requisition Drops
  • Arena Crates – play the Arena to get crates containing shards for Haarken Worldclaimer. Raise your Arena position to get more shards and more resources for your team.

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