Warhammer 40,000 Tacticus: Sword Brother Godswyl – Character Details, Skills & Info

Tacticus Sword Brother Godswyl

In Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus, players can get the character/hero Sword Brother Godswyl of the Black Templars. Get to know this character, stats, talents and passive abilities, how to get and more using this guide.

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Tacticus Sword Brother Godswyl – Sword Brother

Sword Brother Godswyl

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An unstoppable, uncompromising and reaping whirlwind on the battlefield, every Sword Brother has earned their place amonst the Marshal’s household through acts of unswerving faith and spectacular violence.

Tacticus Sword Brother Godswyl Abilities

Thunderous Assault

Deals 1x X Power Damage and pushes the enemy one hex backwards. Fedreus then moves into the vacated hex if able.

Champion of the Feast

His Crits deal an additional X Damage and reduce the target’s defences by X Armour for the rest of the battle.

Tacticus Sword Brother Godswyl Traits


This unit reduces incoming melee multi-hit attacks by 1 hit, to a minimum of 1.

How To Get Sword Brother Godswyl

  • Requisition Drops
  • Octarius Battle 30

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