Expeditions Rome: Blood of Jupiter Quest Guide

Expeditions Rome Blood of Jupiter

In Expeditions Rome, you get to encounter a side quest called Blood of Jupiter. In this quest, you need to hand over an expensive wine to Lucullus. Get to know how to trigger this quest, its rewards, and how to get the rewards with this guide!

Expeditions Rome Blood of Jupiter – How To Get

Go To The Troas Fishing Village

Kallis Location



The side quest Blood of Jupiter can be triggered by talking to the wine seller in the Troas Fishing Village. Upon entering the village, turn left and follow the coast until you reach a woman named Kallis. Talk to her and  with a speech blurb over her head. Follow the conversation below to trigger the Blood of Jupiter quest:

Have you heard of my vineyard? → That is my family’s vineyard. → Oh, I’ve heard of that vintage.

Can Get Locked

At a certain point in the game, Kallis will stop selling the wine as Lucullus will be out of his camp due to developments in the main story. Try to buy the wine before the final siege in Act I in order to complete and get this quest’s rewards.

Troas Fishing Village Map Location

Troas Map Location

Expeditions Rome Blood of Jupiter Quest Guide

  1. Head to the Troas Fishing Village
  2. Buy the Sanguis Jovis from Kallis for 1,300 denarii if you have the Logos rhetoric style. You can also buy it for 2,000 if you have a different rhetoric style
  3. Head to Lucullus’ camp and talk to him
  4. Choose any reply
  5. Return back to your camp
  6. Head to your tent and access the chest to get the rewards from the quest

Get The Money Using Your Legion

farming denarii

2,000 denarii at this point in the game is nothing to scoff at. To collect that large amount, make good use of your legion and pacify regions. Some regions have Hunting Grounds that give a large amount of food after a period of time. Collect food and sell them to merchants for extra denarii. If done correctly and diligently, you’ll be rich enough to buy the wine for the Blood of Jupiter side quest.

Expeditions Rome Blood of Jupiter Rewards

  1. “Senator” – a new legion and praetorian color scheme
  2. Crafting recipe and material for the Aegis unique shield

Get The Rewards From The Chest

blood of jupiter rewards chest

Aside from the legion colors given by Lucullus, you also get a blueprint for a shield as a reward. You can find the blueprint, together with Lucullus’ letter in a chest inside your tent in your legion’s camp.

Craft The Unique Aegis Shield

aegis recipe and stats

Inside the chest given by Lucullus is a blueprint for the shield called Aegis. It is a unique shield that you can craft once you have the forge inside your camp. It’s quite powerful as anyone that attacks the user using a melee attack has a 50% chance to get blinded during combat, inflicting them with a 50% chance to miss with every attack.

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