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Expeditions Rome: Romance Multiple Partners – Can You?


In Expeditions Rome, you can romance certain characters to add “flavor” to your adventure as a decent Roman citizen. The question might have popped up in your mind, “can you romance multiple characters?” This guide will tell you about that and will also explain how you can flirt with more than one character.

Expeditions Rome: Romance Multiple Partners

Can You Actually Romance Multiple Characters?

Romancing Julia Calida

A bit of a yes and no here. No, you can’t romance multiple characters and yes, there is an exception. Once you go down the line with a certain character, you will be prompted to “seal the deal” with a random encounter on the world map. Once you decide to go down and never look back with one character, the “heart” choices for the other ones disappear and you can no longer select them during the duration of your playthrough.

However, there is one that is an exception to this rule.

You Can Still Romance Cleopatra

Cleopatra Romance

Even after choosing your lifelong partner, you can still bed Cleopatra during the interlude between Act 2 and Act 3. Provided that you chose the right words to say during Act 2. It also requires that Cleopatra be alive and installed as the ruler during the end of Act 2. Doing her carpet fetch sidequest may also influence her opnion of you.

Note that you must choose the hearts option during conversations and must adhere to most of Cleopatra’s wishes to unlock this option. I was able to do this without having to choose the romance option after saving Cleopatra during the early phases of Act 2. This means that you can miss a couple of them and still get to romance her.

meeting cleopatra for the first time

And no, you can’t bed her on your first meeting. She gives you the Queen’s Warden armor as a reward for saving her.

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Any Benefits For Romancing Cleopatra?

Trophy given after sleeping with Cleopatra
Trophy given after sleeping with Cleopatra

You get an achievement for bedding Cleopatra: Post Coitum. You also get a Trophy that you can display in your tent or in your villa in Rome.

Potential Romance Partners

The following characters can be romanced:

  • Julia Calida
  • Deianeira
  • Caeso
  • Cleopatra
  • Cato
  • Bestia

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