Tribes of Midgard Best Class Tier List

Tribes of Midgard Tier List Best Class

Tribes of Midgard has 8 classes that players can choose from. Each one has its own unique set of abilities and skills that can contribute something special to the group. With this best class tier list, we rank each class in Tribes of Midgard based on their performance, possible contributions, and abilities.

Note that this tier list is based on our experience in playing the game. We also asked a couple of gamers about their opinions on each class to make this list. Your experience may vary from ours so use this list only as a reference and not as gospel. This list may also change in the future due to updates or possible DLCs.


Best Class Tier List

SWarden Character CardSeer1
ABerserker CardTribes of Midgard Sentinel
Tribes of Midgard Guardian
BTribes of Midgard RangerTribes of Midgard hunter

S Tier Classes (Best Class)

Seer – a must-have for every team. The Seer boasts a good collection of support skills that can be invaluable to any team. It can also be played alone due to its great sustain. It also has a skill that can nullify temperature effects making it a highly recommended class for solo players. It comes with debuffs allowing it to deal higher damage. Quite possibly the strongest class in the game and is both good on either solo or multiplayer.

Warden – although useless at first glance, the Warden’s skills shine when playing with a large group. It economizes the whole Soul aspect of the game, allowing your to team to concentrate on matters such as combat and resource gathering. Comes pretty handy in the late game as Durability becomes a major concern during the constant attacks.

A Tier Classes

Warrior – although a starting class, the Warrior boasts a good amount of offensive prowess. It can be pretty useful even if you have unlocked most of the classes. The large boost in power is also accompanied by a skill that allows it to self-revive.

Berserker – full-on attack class. The berserker can have the highest ASPD in the game thanks to its passive skill. It can be further boosted by equipping a Fire-element Axe. It is also the best class when it comes to wiping out large groups of enemies thanks to its Wrath Unleashed skill.

Guardian – the Tank of the team. The Guardian greatly helps a team of 4 with its ability to provoke enemy aggro. It also has an ability that pulls in enemies, leaving more fragile teammates safe to attack. It also has this one skill that prevents it from being downed by a single strike, always leaving only 1 HP to hold on to. With no cooldown. Talk about hard to kill.

Sentinel – Stun master or “Captain America”. With its Shield, the Sentinel can stun multiple enemies in an area while supporting teammates with its passive +20% armor. More of a support class that can find its use during tough situations. Unfortunately, the passive regeneration skills leaves one wanting.

B Tier Classes

Ranger – the only ranged specialist in the game. Although going ranged can save you in a lot of situations, ranged attacks are subpar compared to melee ones. It is also reliant on arrows to deal significant damage, requiring the player to be on a constant lookout for resources to craft them. High maintenance and with so-so output leaves it on the bottom rung.

Hunter – the Hunter is a scout class that has skills for exploration and traps. Although quite useful especially for larger teams, it unfortunately has nothing too unique to offer. You can use other classes to do its task, albeit not as good. With that said, you won’t miss having a Hunter in your team. As per a friend’s opinion, the Hunter is the team’s “errand boy/girl”.

Ranks May Change In The Future

This tier list may change in the future due to some updates to some skills, buffs and nerfs, and new classes. We will try to update this regularly for players to use as reference.

Tribes of Midgard is currently available on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S. For the PC version, you can check out its Steam page here.

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