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Tribes of Midgard Hunter Unlock Cover

The Hunter is one of the classes in Tribes of Midgard that specializes in traps and scouting. It is also arguably the hardest class to unlock in the game. Similar to the Warden, the Hunter does not specialize in combat and has skills more on helping players reveal the whole map. Although not an exciting class (and somewhat useless at first glance), the Hunter can be a boon to a large team in terms of resource management and map intel.

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Tribes of Midgard hunter


How To Unlock The Tribes of Midgard’s Hunter

To unlock the Hunter in Tribes of Midgard, you need to activate all Shrines in a World in Saga Mode. This requires you (or your team) to fully explore the map, construct the bridge, and unlock every Shrine (teleporter) available. It does take a large amount of time and resources as constructing the bridge and exploring the map is so easy feat.

Here are some tips that can help you in your quest to unlock the Hunter:

  1. Get a large team – Although not a requirement, the more bodies you have, the more ground you can cover. However, having more ramps up the difficulty meter making it harder to advance and defeat foes. We were able to unlock the Hunter with a team of 3.
  2. Get Stones, Wood, and Iron – These are the materials needed to construct the bridge to Fenrir. The snowy island is home to a couple of Shrines so you really need to cross the bridge to unlock the Hunter.
  3. Get some Coldproof and Heatproof Elixirs – You will be required to traverse harsh biomes to get to every Shrine. Either prepare a couple of Elixirs or make an armor set that grants you resistance against the environment.
  4. Defeat Jotunns and Helthings – These are things you should be mindful of when exploring the vast random world of Tribes of Midgard. Manage your time and defeat the Jotunns as soon as you can and be prepared to defend your base every night.

Tribes of Midgard Hunter Class Description

Adepts of the goddess Skadi, Hunters are infamous for their ability to track and trap their prey, lurking in the shadows. Cunning explorers of the wild, their souls are bound to magical totems, allowing them to cheat their fate.

Notable Hunter Skills

Tribes of Midgard hunter Skill Tree

Skadi’s Spirit
40% chance to deploy a Decoy when rolling

Sneaky Vikings. Every dodge roll has a chance to deploy a Decoy that will attract nearby enemies. The Decoy has half of your current max HP

Fastest Unlock: Level 1

Recall Totem
Unlock Recall Totem

A relic bewitched by Skadi, this Totem is added to your Consumables Inventory. Place it anywhere and you’ll return to it in the event of your unfortunate demise. It also appears on your Map.

Fastest Unlock: Level 2

Sharp Eyes II
Increase Fog of War reveal +200%

See further than any other Einherjar with your piercing eyes. Unveil the dark fog surrounding the World with an even bigger radius.

Fastest Unlock: Level 4

Detect Points of Interest

Braced by Skadi’s senses, a purple arrow appears on your Compass when close to an undiscovered Point of Interest, making them much easier to find.

Fastest Unlock: Level 2

Trap Stacker
Increase max stack on Traps by 2

Just can’t get enough. Traps benefit from higher stacks in your Inventory to make sure you’re always up to no good.

Fastest Unlock: Level 3

Tribes of Midgard is currently available on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S. For the PC version, you can check out its Steam page here.

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