Tribes of Midgard Warden – How To Unlock Fast

Warden Skill Tree

The Warden is one of the classes in Tribes of Midgard that players can use to support the other classes. It is not a combat specialist class and it focuses more on support and base economics. At first glance, it might look like a useless class but as the days pile on, you’ll wish for the Warden’s skills to help you last longer in the desolate world of Tribes of Midgard.

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Warden Character Card


How To Unlock The Tribes of Midgard’s Warden

Warden Challenge

To unlock the Warden, you “only” need to survive up to 15 days. A task easier said than done. Surviving up to the final days of Saga mode is already a chore but if you’re curious, Day 14 triggers the infinite night. This means that monsters will constantly spawn without pause so prepare to defend until Day 15 ends.

Also, one mistake that we made is that you need to last and survive until Day 16. Do not quit or leave on the onset of Day 15.

Here are some tips that can help you in your quest to unlock the Warden:

Day 16 Warden Unlock

  1. Get either a Berserker or Warrior – Combat is hugely important here as you need to clear as many waves as you can in a short amount of time.
  2. Get familiar with the base mechanics -Upgrade your towers and gates to withstand the spawns.
  3. Upgrade the Stones and Wood Mills – Upgrade structures around the town as soon as you can. This will give you ample resources during the lengthy final stages.
  4. Make a lightning weapon – Lightning is the weakness of enemies that spawn during the night. Make short work of them by using a weapon imbued by this element. Better if you can get 1 to Tier 4 (Purple).
  5. Store Souls – You won’t have any time to farm them during the attack. Most importantly, don’t die during Day 14 to 16! You’ll need Souls to repair weapons during this time. So no souls, no weapon, GG.
  6. Try to do it with as few players as possible – The more players, the more difficult the waves and enemies become. We were able to easily reach Day 16 with just 3 players.

Tribes of Midgard Warden Class Description

Adepts of the god Hermodr, Wardens are the pillars of human civilization. Energized couriers mastering the art of Runes, they travel in and out to supply the frontline and navigate its rugged landscape using their enchanted stone.

Notable Warden Skills

Warden Skill Tree

Hermodr’s Waystone
Travel back and forth with the Waystone

An artifact fit for a godly expedition, this stone can not only teleport its bearer to safety, but also allows them to quickly return to their previous destination as indicated on their Map. Resets when leaving the Village.

Fastest Unlock: Level 1

Dwarven Made
Nullifies Durability on Equipment

Blessed by Hermodr, you gain access to special Grounds and Ramps in your Constructions Inventory that you can place freely. Be mindful, for they are not made to last forever.

Fastest Unlock: Level 2

Potion Stacker
Increase max stack on Potions by 1

Just can’t get enough. Potions benefits from higher stacks in your inventory to make sure you’re always up to good.

Fastest Unlock: Level 4

Buy for -25% Souls, sell for +25%

No time to argue, there’s a Ragnarok to prevent! Use your charm and diplomacy to save on Souls, be it when buying Items or selling them.

Fastest Unlock: Level 4

Rune Carver
Gain a 6th Rune slot

Undaunted by their mysterious power, Wardens are able to hold onto one additional Rune in their Inventory. Don’t let this exploit go to your head, Einherjar.

Fastest Unlock: Level 4

Tribes of Midgard is currently available on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S. For the PC version, you can check out its Steam page here.

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