Warhammer Chaos Gate: Aeger – How To Beat

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In Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters, you get to battle against the forces of Nurgle. One of the bosses in the game, Aeger, stands against the Grey Knights in their quest to purge the systems of the plague. Read this guide to know Aeger’s stats, moves, how to beat it, and more.

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Chaos Gate Aeger – Boss Details

Guardian Of The Prime Seeds

Chaos Gate Aeger Briefing


Aeger is a Greater Daemon of Nurgle that guards one of the Prime Seeds of the Bloom plague. Based on the in-game lore, Aeger the Benevolent is a storied Daemon with a long history. It goes by many names and is known as Reaper of the Poxus Strain, Benign Custodian, Bountiful Uncle, among others. It is also known to host a hordes of Nurglings, lesser daemons of Nurgle.

Aeger Boss Stats

Chaos Gate Aeger

MovementCritical ChanceResistance

Active Abilities

Nurgling Spew
Nurgling Spew

(Blast Attack) Aeger consumes Nurglings and sets a Blast over Area 4 at Range 14. Next Turn, Afflict – Random (100%). Afflict Vulnerable (100%, 2 Turns). Knockback.

Come Home My Nephews!
Come Home My Nephews!

(Support) Aeger consumes Nurglings and Heals based on the number consumed. A random target point is restored.

Passive Abilities

Immunity to Afflictions
Immunity to Afflictions

This unit is immune to the following Afflictions: Blinded, Crazed, Dominated, Panicked, Plagued, Knockback, Banish.

Nurgling Swarm
Nurgling Swarm

Aeger commands his nephews to attack your Knights. They deal damage based on the number of Nurglings nearby.

Go Forth My Nephews!
Go Forth, My Nephews!

Aeger summons 5 Nurglings at the end of his Turn.

Auto Abilities

Defend Our Uncle!
Defend Our Uncle!

(Auto (100%, ∞ / Turn)) When shot with a Ranged Attack, if Nurglings are nearby, Aeger can consume Nurglings to cancel the attack.

Chaos Gate Aeger – How To Beat

Destroy The Nurgling Spawners

Destroy The Nurgling Spawners

During the early turns, Ectar and Lunete will advise you to destroy all Nurgling Spawners. This is exactly what you should prioritize before dealing with Aeger as each one spawns Nurglings per turn. Nurglings can be very annoying with their attacks and can combine to make a Plaguebearer to impede and harass your team. Aeger can also use the Nurglings to regenerate its HP and defend itself from your attacks. Obviously, no Nurglings makes this an easy fight. Use fire from your Fire Support or run to and smash the Spawners using your Justicar or Interceptor.

Watch Your Step

Watch Your Step

The toxic green sludge can inflict debilitating status effects and may  restrict your Grey Knights’ movement speed and capabilities. Look for avenues where you can safely traverse and avoid them when you can. Before confirming your movement, check if its blue to see if you can safely move to that location. Otherwise, you might have to pinpoint a first stop just to safely move.

Land A Criticals To Weaken Aeger

Chaos Gate Aeger Land A Critical

A critical hit can significantly neuter Aeger’s offensive capabilities. Landing the first critical allows you to inflict Aeger with Silence. This lasts until the end of the mission, severely impacting Aeger’s damaging assaults. After landing this initial critical hit, you open more options including the following:

  • Afflict Weakend (∞)
  • Afflict Immobilized (1 Turn)
  • Disable Nurgling Spew (∞)
  • Disable Go Forth, My Nephews (∞)

Once you destroy the Nurgling Spawners and land a few critical hits, Aeger’s nothing but a sitting duck. Hit it until it goes down.

Chaos Gate Aeger – Team Composition

  • 1 Paladin / Justicar – to tank damage and keep Aeger occupied.
  • 1 Apothecary – heal the tank and help the other Grey Knights.
  • 1 or 2 Interceptors – use Teleport to deal with the Nurgling Spawners in the map.
  • 1 or 2 Purgators / Purifiers – Instead of Interceptors, you can make use of Purgators or Purifiers to shoot Nurgling Spawners.

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