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Warhammer Chaos Gate: DLC List & Release Dates


Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters is a tactical RPG set in the Warhammer 40k universe. Currently only on PC, the game itself has a great potential to have DLCs. Read this article to know the DLCs for the game, extra content, release date, and more.

This list will be updated as soon as we get official news about upcoming DLCs for Chaos Gate.

Know more about the latest improvements & bug fixes in the Chaos Gate Patch Notes.

Chaos Gate DLC Details

Duty Eternal

Duty Eternal releases on December 2, 2022 (Friday).

Experience thrilling new missions, a powerful additional class, and all-new ways to decimate the forces of Nurgle in the first major DLC for the critically-acclaimed tactical turn-based RPG. Unleash devastating firepower from the legendary Dreadnought, bolster your Strike Force with the fearsome Techmarine, and gain enormous rewards by taking on additional challenges from the bridge of the Baleful Edict.

Duty Eternal Features

  • New Bloom Missions
  • Command the Dreadnought
  • New Techmarine Class
  • Explore more areas with the new Gladius Frigate
  • New Gameplay Features
  • New Campaign Events

Duty Eternal Steam page.

Castellan Crowe

Chaos Gate DLC Castellan Crowe

A flawless soul entrusted with one of the Grey Knights’ most heinous possessions: the Black Blade of Antwyr. Add Garran Crowe to your Strike Force and bring righteous fury against all foes, be they Cultist or Daemonkind.

This DLC can be had by purchasing the Deluxe Edition of the game. Alternatively, you can purchase it separately.This DLC comes bundled with the game’s original soundtrack.

Possible Future Chaos Gate DLC

*Content below are speculations and have not been confirmed officially.

Battle Against Khorne Daemons

Chaos Gate Khorne DLC

The tutorial of the game already showcases Khorne Daemons battling against the Grey Knights. The Khornate daemons have their own UI, impressive daemon prince, and Bloodletters, all of which are just in the game’s tutorial! One would think that it would be a waste for these assets to not reappear in the game. With that said, there’s a chance that a coming DLC for the game would make use of these assets and pit the player against Khorne’s daemonic horde. Here’s hoping for the opportunity to have more “blood for the blood god!”

Kadex Round 2 Electro Boogaloo

Although Kadex was left by his boss Mortarion at the end of the game, it is still unknown if the daemon has perished during the events. We may see Kadex again in a future DLC as it vows to strike revenge against the Grey Knights.

Check out the game’s ending guide for more info.

Eldar Or Dark Eldar Join The Fray

Eldar DLC

With an Eldar Craftworld appearing as a battleground in the game, it is not wild to speculate that these Aeldari may come back to retake it. With that kind of development, the Eldar may have to fight against the Grey Knights as both parties struggle to contain the Bloom.

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