Warhammer Chaos Gate: Malathian – How To Beat

Chaos Gate Malathian Cover

In Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters, you get to battle against the forces of Nurgle. One of the bosses in the game, Malathian, stands against the Grey Knights in their quest to purge the systems of the plague. Read this guide to know Malathian’s stats, moves, how to beat it, and more.

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Chaos Gate Malathian – Boss Details

Guardian Of The Prime Seeds

Chaos Gate Malathian


Malathian is a Greater Daemon of Nurgle that guards one of the Prime Seeds of the Bloom plague. Based on the in-game lore, Malathian the Harvester was defeated by a Grand Master  in the past. This time, the Grey Knights must defeat Malathian again to gain access to the root of the Bloom.

Malathian Boss Stats


MovementCritical ChanceResistance

Active Abilities

Morbus Gift
Morbus Gift

(Psychic Blast) Activate a Blast with Area 7 to deal 4 DMG. Malathian activates Reaper’s Call and summons the Effigy of Death, Effigy of Infirmity, and Effigy of Despair. Knockback. Ignore (Cover).

Corrosive Darkness
Corrosive Darkness

(Psychic Attack) Target a Knight at Range 10 to deal 2 DMG. Scales with the number of Daemons. Gains Afflictions with active Effigies. Ignore (Cover).

Reapers Call
Reapers Call

(Psychic Support) Malathian creates 2 Resurrection Emblems. If they are not destroyed, they will summon Daemons in 2 Turn(s).

Passive Abilities

Immunity to Afflictions
Immunity to Afflictions

This unit is immune to the following Afflictions: Blinded, Crazed, Dominated, Panicked, Plagued, Knockback, Banish

Reaper's Bounty
Reaper’s Bounty

Malathian has a X% chance to restore a target point at the end of his turn. Scales with the number of Daemons.

Summon Effigy
Summon Effigy

Malathian will summon an Effigy that will support him and impede the player.



(Spread Attack) Strike Targets in a line to deal 6 DMG. Knockback.

Chaos Gate Malathian – How To Beat

Use Criticals To Remove Abilities

Malathian Critical

Critical Attacks allow you to slowly negate Malathian’s offensive capabilities. Prioritize cutting off its parts to disable its attack first. Bring Grey Knights with high critical chance weapons to quickly do this during the first turn. When done correctly, Malathian will mostly use its spread attack to deal damage for most of the fight.

Summons Effigies For Effects & Armor

Effigy of Despair

During the battle, Malathian summons several effigies to either inflict passive debuffs or empower itself. Prioritize them once they get summoned as they can be troublesome in the long run. Have a high-mobility Interceptor with Teleport to go around and eliminate them.

These Effigies also provide a passive +10 Armor to Malathian that stacks. While you can brute force your way through Malathian’s defenses, it may take time and it also regenerates its shield every turn. With that said, destroying the effigy should be your main target once they pop up.

Effigy Effects & Description

  1. Effigy of Despair – All Knights suffer 1 DMG for each WP used, Malathian gains +10 Armor while this Effigy is active.
  2. Effigy of Suffering – All Knights suffer 2 DMG / turn. Malathian gains +10 Armor.
  3. Effigy of Death – All Knights die when their HP is reduced to 0. Malathian gains +10 Armor.
  4. Effigy of Infirmity

Team Composition

  • 1 Paladin / Justicar – to tank damage and keep Malathian occupied. Other characters should be far away from Malathian and either support the tank or hunt down the effigies.
  • 1 Apothecary – heal the tank and help support using ranged fire.
  • 2 Interceptors – hunt down the effigies across the map. Better if Teleport is learned.
  • 1 Purgator / Purifier / Interceptor – Assist the tank and deal with the lesser enemies.

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