Warhammer Chaos Gate: Multiplayer Details & Info

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Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Gate is a tactical RPG currently released only for the PC. It features a singleplayer campaign penned by renowned author, Aaron Dembski-Bowden. Although it has a great story, some players still ask, “is there mutliplayer in Chaos Gate?”

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Chaos Gate Multiplayer Details

No Multiplayer As Of Yet

Chaos Gate Multiplayer


As of the writing of this article, the game is exclusively single player and has no multiplayer feature. Players cannot fight against or with other players in the system-spanning conflict. Just imagine the carnage when 2 squads of Grey Knights arrive to defeat hordes of enemy demons. Or what if the game has a Last Stand type of game where-in players try to cooperate and survive against waves upon waves of enemy daemons? While the game has systems in place for a good multiplayer game, same as the one with XCOM, it may change for the sake of balance for multiplayer.

May Appear In The Future

Not all is lost though. The game may feature cooperative or competitive multiplayer in the future depending on the developers direction for the game. Multiplayer’s infrastructure can be pretty expensive and may depend on how the game’s install base fares. As of now, we can only wait. Hopefully, the developers release a roadmap for upcoming DLCs or improvements for the game so we can see if multiplayer will indeed be implemented.

Chaos Gate Multiplayer May Be Modded In

Aside from cosmetics and gameplay changes, mods may play an integral part in introducing multiplayer to Chaos Gate in the future.

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