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In Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters, players can take 4 of the 8 unique classes in the game to missions. Each class has its own strengths that you can take advantage of to win battles. Read this guide to know all classes, differences, and more.

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Chaos Gate All Classes List

8 Grey Knight Classes

Select Grey Knights


There are 8 classes in total in Chaos Gate. You get the 4 of them from the beginning of the game and the 4 advanced classes later on.

Can You Change Classes?

Return To Titan

You cannot change classes in the game. You can, however, recruit new Grey Knights during the course of the campaign. As there is a limited capacity to how many Grey Knights you can have at a given time, you can send unneeded or heavily injured Grey Knights back to Titan in exchange for space and Requisition.

Base Classes

The base classes are immediately available from the beginning of the game. Know more on how to get advanced classes here.

ClassDefault Class Ability
JusticarJusticarThe Justicar gains +1 Armour with their Aegis Shield ability.
InterceptorInterceptorThe Interceptor’s Melee Attacks cannot be Parried.
PurgatorPurgatorThe Purgator can equip the Psycannon, Psilencer and Incinerator Ranged Weapons.
ApothecaryApothecaryThe Apothecary can equip the Narthecium, giving them access to the Battlefield Medicine ability.

Advanced Classes

Advanced Classes are mostly given out as rewards after you upgrade your Knight Requisition. You can upgrade Knight Requisition during your meetings with Grand Master Kai. The higher the Knight Requisition, the higher the chances you get for spawning high-level advanced class Grey Knights.

ClassDefault Class Ability
Purifier LogoPurifierThe Purifier can equip the Psycannon, Psilencer or Incinerator, and is immune to damage effects from Hazards.
Paladin LogoPaladinThe Paladin has access to the Storm Shield and can only equip Terminator Armour.
Librarian LogoLibrarianThe Librarian gains +2 Max WP starting from Rank 1 and can only equip Terminator Armour.
Chaplain LogoChaplainThe Chaplain gains +1 Armor by default and can only equip Terminator Armour.

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