Hazmat Suit Location – Where To Get In Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Hazmat Suit Cover

The Hazmat Suit is a set of armor that grants protection against Holy Radiation in the Wasteland 3 DLC Cult of the Holy Detonation. It is pretty useful against obstacles that can inflict the dreaded status effect. Get to know how to get the whole set and recipe using this guide.

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Where To Get The Wasteland 3 Hazmat Set


Currently, only one Hazmat Set can be found in Wasteland 3. In the Cult of the Holy Detonation DLC, it can be found in the Research Level of the Cheyenne Mountains. Upon entering the level, you’ll encounter several storage boxes that contains either chests or deposits of Holy Radiation. The Hazmat Set can be found inside the container beside the Mound of Shit.

Hazmat Suit Set Stats

Armor PieceStats
Armor +5
Holy Radiation Res +20%
Armor +5
Holy Radiation Res +30%
Armor +7
Holy Radiation Res +50%

How To Get Recipe For Wasteland 3 Hazmat Suit Set

Advanced Hazmat Recipe Location

For crafting, the only recipe that you can find in the game is the Advanced Hazmat Suit Set. However, to unlock the safe needed to get it, you need to have a high enough Nerd Stuff stat.

To get the more superior version of the Hazmat Suit, you need to craft it. You can find the recipe before the ultimate battle in The Holy Detonation chamber. You can find it inside a chest leading to the corridor to the chamber.

Advanced Hazmat Suit Set – Required Materials & Stats

Armor PieceStatsMaterials
HelmetArmor +7
Bleeding Res. +5%
Poison Res. +5%
Holy Radiation Res +20%
Scrap x 345
Carbon Fiber x 2
PantsArmor +7
Bleeding Res. +10%
Poison Res. +10%
Holy Radiation Res +30%
Scrap x 345
Carbon Fiber x 2
SuitArmor +8
Bleeding Res. +20%
Poison Res. +20%
Holy Radiation Res +50%
Scrap x 460
Carbon Fiber x 2

Wasteland 3 Hazmat Suit Set – How To Use

Getting the whole set grants the user a +100% resistance against Holy Radiation. Pretty useful when you need someone to reach switches blocked by clouds of the yellow glow. It can also prevent damage induced by weapons derived from Holy Radiation. The good thing is that this set does not require any stats to wear.

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