Wasteland 3 Elite Pre-War Set – How To Craft & Stats

Elite Pre-War Tac Set Cover
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Wasteland 3’s newest DLC, Cult of the Holy Detonation brings with it a new quest and a couple of new equipment to play with. One of which is the Pre-War Tac Set. You can find it scattered around the Cheyenne Mountain base but you’ll then encounter blueprints for its better version, the Elite Pre-War Tac Set. Read this guide to know the locations and stats of Wasteland 3 Elite Pre-War Set!

How To Craft Wasteland 3 Elite Pre-War Set

You can find the crafting recipes for each piece of the Elite Pre-War Set around the Cheyenne Mountains. However, you may need to have completed special quests within the area to obtain some of it. To craft all armor pieces, you need to have a Ranger with at least level 9 of Armor Modding.

Elite Pre-War Helmet Crafting Recipe Location

Elite Pre-War Tac Helmet Location


The crafting recipe for the Helmet can be found in the Research Level, inside the secret room with the Cloning Machine. To access this, you first need to use the computer located inside the room south of Genetic Research Lab. Access the computer inside the room with the necessary Nerd Stuff level. Afterwards, select the option that will get you inside the secret room at the east side of the Genetic Research Lab. Go there and open the Large Container to get the Elite Pre-War Helmet crafting recipe.

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Elite Pre-War Armor Crafting Recipe Location

Elite Pre-War Tac Armor Location

The Elite Pre-War Tac Armor crafting recipe can be found in the Power Storage Facility, inside the Water Reservoir. You can only access this area after you capture Iridium. If you want a bloodless encounter here as there are several angels and cultists in the area around the crafting recipe, you can have one of your Rangers soak up on Holy Radiation. Having a high enough Holy Radiation allows you to choose conversation options that calms down the angels, allowing you access to the area without spilling any blood.

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Elite Pre-War TAC Pants Crafting Recipe Location

Elite Pre-War Tac Pants Location

The TAC Pants can be found inside a Tumor Crate in the Security Level of the Cheyenne Mountain base. You need to get Bezoar’s pipe and tune first to remove the tumor and get the Crate.

Wasteland 3 Elite Pre-War Set Stats

Wasteland 3 Elite Pre-War Set

Armor PieceStatsMaterials
HelmetPerception +2
Armor +11
Scrap x 460
Carbon Fiber x 2
SuitArmor +13
Crit Resistance +15%
Scrap x 460
Carbon Fiber x 2
PantsArmor +11
Combat Speed +0.3
Scrap x 460
Carbon Fiber x 2

Wasteland 3 Pre-War Tac Set Stats

If you don’t have the necessary stats required to craft the Elite version, you can still settle for the Pre-War set. Do not buy pieces of this armor set as they can be easily found around the Cheyenne Mountain base.

Pre-War Tac Set

Armor PieceStats
HelmetPerception +1
Armor +9
SuitArmor +13
Crit Resistance +10%
PantsArmor +9
Combat Speed +0.2


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