Wasteland 3 Steeltown Markham’s Room – How To Unlock

Inside Steeltown is Markham’s locked room that when interacted with, anyone near will become hostile to you. It also doesn’t help that you are escorted by DI during your time inside the factory. So what’s inside this locked room and what can you find inside it?

How To Unlock Steeltown Markham’s Room

Markham’s Office Location

wasteland 3 steeltown markham's office

The door is located at the northeast side of the factory, near the War Bot Floor Model.


Go Before Meeting DI Or Wait For DI’s Removal

Steeltown Hidden Door

Note: Requires a high Perception and Level 10 Lockpicking

To reveal the door, you need to have a high enough Perception. If you have enough, it will be automatically be revealed, allowing you to interact and open it.

You can safely open it before you talk to Abigal Markham for the first time or after you finish the Steeltown quest line. Doing it between the 2 can cause the whole of Steeltown to go hostile as DI will sternly warn you if you interact with the door. Either deal with it before you go to Markham or patiently wait until DI leaves your party.

Once you open the door using your Lockpicking skills, you can enter it safely without any repercussions. Just watch out for the Explosive trap set just after the locked door.

Rewards Steeltown Markham’s Room

Opening Markham’s Safe

Steeltown locked safe

Aside from the numerous chests and other lootables, the main thing you have to watch out for is Markham’s locked safe. At the office, you’ll see a safe with a logo of Steeltown and beside it is a gun rack. Interact with the gun rack and use the following sequence to open the safe:

  1. Disengage the gun’s safety
  2. Chamber a round
  3. Pull the trigger

Steeltown Markham’s Room Rewards

Doing the whole thing correctly will open the safe, giving you access to the following:

Markham's Safe Rewards

  • Recorded Conversation between Markham and Blue
  • 6 Tellerium
  • Elite Cryo Exo Set Blueprints (3 in total)
  • Auto ‘Fireball’ Rifle

Simply Go Through The Door To Exit

You don’t have to go back to where you entered to exit Markham’s room. You can just go through the front door without any fear of aggroing everyone in the main room.

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