Wasteland 3 Steeltown Radio Puzzle Solution

Wasteland 3 Steeltown Radio Puzzle

The Battle of Steeltown is a newly released DLC for Wasteland 3. Part of the quest tasks the player to uncover the hideout of the Ghost Gang. To do this, the player must correctly input a series of codes using derelict vehicles scattered around the Scrapyard. This Steeltown Radio Puzzle Solution guide will help you easily get to these vehicles and solve the puzzle.

Wasteland 3 Steeltown Forklift Radio Puzzle – Solution

Starting The Quest

To trigger the puzzle, you need to first clear the riot inside Steeltown. After that, you will then be assigned to get something from the Ghost Gang’s hideout. This is where you can go through the  Scrapyard to do the puzzle.

Defeat Or Scare Off The Ghost Gang

Steeltown Scout Journal


You’ll encounter the Ghost Gang at the very western edge of the map. Afterwards, you can either battle them or confront them with a Hard Ass 9 to prevent a battle. If you successfully defeat or intimidate them, they will leave the area. Go to the western-most part and loot the dead body to start Wasteland 3’s Steeltown radio puzzle.

Go To The Forklift To Start The Puzzle

Interact with the forklift to start the car radio puzzle

One you get the journal, return to entrance of the battle site. There, you’ll find a forklift with a solar panel mounted on it. Interact with it to start the puzzle. It will then start to mention a series of number: 9 1 63 2 54 1. These numbers are extremely important as they are the key to completing this puzzle.

Steeltown Radio Puzzle Solution – Find The Cars

As mentioned above, the numbers are codes. You first need to find the cars associated to them then select the option using the following number. To make it easier, assign a ranger to each of the car. This makes it easy to redo the puzzle if you make a mistake. To summarize, do the following:

Car 1 Radio Puzzle

First, go to car 9 and pick option 1.

Car 2 Radio Puzzle

After picking option 1, interact with car 63 and pick option 2.

Car 3 Radio Puzzle

Lastly, find car 54 and pick option 1.

Wasteland 3 Steeltown Radio Puzzle Car Locations Map

Steeltown Car Radio Map

Completing The Puzzle Opens The Entrance

Ghost Gang Entrance

If your sequence of car interactions and inputs are correct, the door to the Ghost Gang’s lair will open just next to the forklift. Remember to heal first before entering it as there might be a very difficult battle waiting for you inside.

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