Wasteland 3 Deuterium Choices – Attack or Sacrifice?

Wasteland 3 Deuterium Choices
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In Wasteland 3’s latest DLC, the Cult of the Holy Detonation, players are given several choices that can heavily affect the ending of the DLC. This guide deals with Wasteland 3 Deuterium choices – should you attack or sacrifice one of your Rangers? Obviously, this guide contains spoilers.

Where Is Wasteland 3 Deuterium?

Deuterium is the leader of the Nucleists, one of the 2 groups vying for control over the Cheyenne Mountain complex. You finally meet him face to face once you capture Iridium. At the Power Storage Facility, if you choose to converse with him first, Deuterium offers you 2 choices:

  1. Have one of your members join their cult (Sacrifice)
  2. Attack them and get this over with (Attack)

Both choices heavily affect the ending of the Cheyenne Mountain base. Choosing carefully can lead to interesting results that may also affect the overall ending of Wasteland 3.


Choice 1: Sacrifice A Ranger

Wasteland 3 Deuterium Choices sacrifice a ranger

For this to happen, you need to have one of your team members to have the maximum of 10 stacks of Holy Radiation. With this show of belief, you may assign the Ranger to join the cult as a sign of peace and acceptance. However, this active participation will permanently remove your Ranger from your team. Sort of.

After the ritual, your Ranger then turns into a Feral Proto-Drool, a heavily mutated monstrosity with superb melee attacks and action points. Good thing is, your new monster friend is considered as an ally of your team and will follow you throughout your playthrough. This ritual also effectively removes the members’ stats, quirks, and other perks gained throughout the journey. It also returns all weapons and armor worn by the sacrificed member before the ritual.

This choice also leads to the best ending in the Cheyenne Mountains as both parties survive the ordeal.

Sacrifice A Garbage Member

Sacrifice A Ranger

What I did for this is I made a character made specifically to be sacrificed instead of one of my veteran Rangers. Outside the chamber are a couple of puddles that you can run into to generate Holy Radiation. Make sure to have the sacrifice be the only character that has 10 Holy Radiation. With this, I get one good Feral Proto-Drool as an ally, also unlock the best ending for Cheyenne Mountains, and still have my whole team intact. However, it also loses the meaning of sacrifice if you’re into role-playing as a Ranger.

Check out this guide if you want to remove Holy Radiation from your team members.

Choice 2: Attack Deuterium

Attack Deuterium

Refusing to sacrifice your teammate, offering to turn against Bezoar, or even just outright attacking Deuterium leads to a full out gunfight between your team and Deuterium’s.

The best possible outcome with this choice is the death of Bezoar and Proteus. Unfortunately, this leaves the denizens and merchants of Cheyenne Mountains refusing to talk to the Rangers.

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