Wasteland 3 Vial of Advanced DNA – Where to Get & How to Use

In Wasteland 3’s latest DLC the Cult of the Holy Detonation, players can acquire a weird item called Vial of Advanced DNA. You can get this in the Research Level of the Cheyenne Mountain base. To fully utilize it, you need to complete several quests during the early stages of the game first. There are also 2 possible ways in which you can use it. Both ways net you an ally that you can rely on in battles. So with that said, let’s find out what we can do with Wasteland 3 Vial of Advanced DNA.

Where To Get Wasteland 3 Vial Of  Advanced DNA

Wasteland 3 Vial Of Advanced DNA LocationTo get the Vial of Advanced DNA in Wasteland 3 you need to have a character with a high Nerd Stuff stat. In the Cheyenne Mountain base, proceed to the Research Level. Once you reach the Research Level, proceed to the Genetic Research Lab, the right-most room. To open this room, you need to have a high enough Lock Pick skill. Once open, you’ll find that at the center is a computer terminal. Interact with it and select “Request DNA sample collection”. Wait for the clone to die to get the Vial of Advanced DNA.

How To Use Wasteland 3 Vial Of Advanced DNA

There are 2 ways to use this:

  1. Use it on the Cheyenne Mountain Cloning Machine
  2. Take it back to the Ranger Base and use the Cloning Machine there.

Method 1: Use The Cheyenne Mountain Cloning Machine

Wasteland 3 Flesh Prince

Reward: Flesh Prince NPC

From the center of the Genetic Research Lab, proceed to the southern room. Interact with the computer terminal and select the Nerd Stuff option. In the next menu, select “Open SECRET_LAB_CODE.txt” and open the secret lab. The secret lab is located at the right side of the Genetic Research Lab.

Once you reach the secret room, interact with the Computer. Upon interacting with it, it will give you a warning that an unknown mass of genetic material is stuck in it. Choose the [See what happens] option to combine that strange mass to your Vial of Advanced DNA.

What Is The Flesh Prince?

Wasteland 3 Flesh Prince attack

If done properly, the result is Flesh Prince, a mass of moving tumors that can inflict poison. Good thing with this monstrosity is that it has a high resistance against most attacks but is weak against fire.

Method 2: Use The Ranger Base Cloning Machine

Wasteland 3 Vial Of Advanced DNA on Uber Clone

Reward: Uber Clone

For this to work, you need to clear the quest “Don’t You Be My Neighbor” in Downtown Colorado Springs. You must also recruit IRV instead of punishing him for his cloning activities.

Once you get the Vial of Advanced DNA, you can head over back to Ranger Base. After you arrive, head to IRV and ask him to make you a clone using the Vial of Advanced DNA. Wait for the clone to pop out of the chamber.

What Is The Uber Clone?

Wasteland 3 Uber Clone Combat

The Uber Clone is a stronger version of the clone that IRV can produce for you. It has an armor rating as opposed to the normal version that has none. They do have the same HP though. The Uber Clone is also visually larger.

Wasteland 3 Clone Purple Goo

You can use this clone as a meat shield during fights as it can close in on enemies to engage in melee range. If the clone dies, you can simply pick up its Purple Goo to make another Uber Clone.

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