How To Get The Wasteland 3 Lancer

The Lancer is a high-level Assault rifle that can be seen as one of the best ARs in the game. It requires 10 Automatic Weapon Skill but also has 99 Penetration and has a 10% chance to bleed the target. It is also a reference to an unknown game called “Gears of War”, which you probably have never heard of. Anyhow, the Lancer can be found in Wasteland 3 and can be brandished by any character that has the required stats.

Wasteland 3 Lancer (Gears of War) Stats

Getting The Lancer (Gears of War Assault Rifle)

Mysterious Wreck encounter



  • Level 3 Radiation Shielding for your Kodiak
  • 10 Automatic Weapon Skill to equip

The Lancer can be found west of Yuma County, just south of the map (see below). From Yuma County, hug the borders of the map until you encounter the Mysterious Wreck. It looks like something from outer space and with the words “Fenix” etched on it. Choose “Examine the case.” and then “Open the case.” Voila! You now have the Lancer, a gun with a chainsaw (which unfortunately you can’t use).

Lancer Appearance

The Lancer boasts a stupendous penetration stat for an Assault Rifle, but is eclipsed in damage by the Level 7 SOCOM Assault Rifle. It can be a bit underperforming when battling with soft squishy targets, but when fighting against robots, this thing can go through them without a problem.

Wasteland 3 Lancer Map Location

Wasteland 3 Lancer Map Location

I was able to encounter the Lancer at exactly the above location. Note that there are no markers for this encounter and you need Level 3 Radiation Shielding to travel unharmed. Again, just hug the borders of the map and head west from Yuma. If the Lancer isn’t your thing, you can head out and check SMG in the game here.

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