How To Get Night Terror In Wasteland 3 Cult of the Holy Detonation

Wasteland 3 Night Terror

Night Terror is one of the possible allies in the new Wasteland 3 DLC Cult of the Holy Detonation. In order to get this new ally, you either must have a good Nerd Stuff stat or go through the motions by disabling and enabling certain defense grids. This guide will help you get Night Terror using the defense grids.

Wasteland 3 Night Terror – Go To The Security Level First

Security Level Elevator

You can get to the Security Level of the Cheyenne Mountains base after you clear the initial puzzles and battles. After talking to the big wigs and getting the main quest from Goiter, head to the Observation Antechamber. From there, go south to access the elevator to the Security Level.


Go To The Maximum Security Part

Night Terror Maximum Security

After going to the Security Level, head towards the left part to the Maximum Security Cell. Inside that cell is Night Terror, a terrifying green gremlin/goblin/kappa that’s well-versed with melee combat. Note that you can get Night Terror before you interact with Bezoar.

How To Get Wasteland 3 Night Terror

Split Your Team

Night Terror Puzzle Member Locations

To get to Night Terror, you must first do several actions as its cell is blocked by lines of grids that immediately KOs anything it comes into contact with. To do this, pick 3 members of your team: 2 to handle the switches and 1 to go to the cell itself.

Move To The Pressure Plate

Night Terror Pressure Plate

To access the computer terminal to switch off the grids, 1 member of your team must brave the Holy Radiation to access the pressure plate. Pick 1 member, preferably your tank, to man the pressure plate. This is due to the Holy Radiation adding more CON stat, making your tank more durable at the cost of hit and crit chance.

While the Holy Radiation status effect deals no damage, it can be pretty hard to remove.

Open Night Terror’s Computer Terminal

Night Terror's Laser Grid

In Night Terror’s Computer Terminal, you can get 2 prompts: an easy way if you have the required Nerd Stuff skill or the more difficult way. We’re going to tackle the difficult way here.

You get 3 options here to change the arrangement of the laser grid. Choosing which one turns some on while turning others off. As said before, touching any part of this laser grid instantly KOs any character regardless of their HP. So be wary. Next, we’ll discuss how to get through this laser grid.

Walk Carefully Toward’s Night Terror’s Cell (Computer Code Sequence)

Walk towards night terror's cell

Position a character at the front-most grid and be ready to change position everytime you switch grids. For the grid combination towards the end, follow the following and move closer towards Night Terror’s cell after every input.

The combination for Night Terror’s cell is as follows: 2 – 1 – 2 – 1 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 2

Interact With Night Terror

Interacting with Night Terror

After getting towards the end, talk to Night Terror to get it into your party. Choose the following options to get it to follow you:

  1. “Hi, little fellow. Who are you?”
  2. “You want to be our friend? You want to come with us?”
  3. “Sure, we’ll find you some candy. Let’s go look for some.”

You can also just sprint back as the defense grids will be turned off once your interact with Night Terror. Just don’t leave the pressure plate yet as you can trap the team member manning the computer terminal.

What is Wasteland 3 Night Terror?

Wasteland 3 Night Terror Attack

Night Terror is an incredible melee fighter that can be accepted as one of your team’s “pets”. It does not occupy a Ranger slot and is AI-controlled. It’s comparatively hardy compared to other allies and is capable of dealing poisoned melee attacks. Definitely great to have in any team!

Night Terror can also be fed items other than candy. Doing so may produce some interesting (and somewhat disastrous) results.

Night Terror was also present as a possible ally in Wasteland 2.

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